This morning's spoilers include a ton of new images from the J.J. Abrams mad-science epic Fringe, including several which reveal a possible theme for the series. We have details about Fly Me To The Moon which will make you feel as though you've swallowed a bug. A couple of new Chuck promos include another round of sexiness and some hints about the nerd-spy's next batch of peril. There are synopses of the first four episodes of HBO's True Blood, and a minor Smallville spoiler. Spoilers ahead! Fly Me To The Moon: Here's some last minute spoilerage for the bugs-in-space epic. The young fly Nat dreams of being an explorer like his grandpa McFly, who helped Amelia Earhart on her first cross-Atlantic solo flight. So Nat talks his friends, the brainy IQ and the food-loving Scooter, into sneaking onto the Apollo 11 moon rocket with him. They sneak on board, but then ground control orders the astronauts to trap the flies inside a test tube. They have to break out so they can go on the moonwalk, plus save the day from a tiny but important glitch. Meanwhile, Grandpa McFly learns from his Russian old flame Nadia that a KGB bug, Yegor (Tim Curry) is trying to sabotage Apollo 11 from the ground. And then Buzz Aldrin shows up in person to tell the slow kids in the audience that this movie is a work of fiction and it didn't really happen. [NewsOK] Fringe: Here are some new promo pics and posters for Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new show about the FBI and weird science. What do we learn from these images? Well, the show will be about people looking at equations on a glowy board, a lot. And charts. it'll basically be an hour of power-point presentations every week, with an explosion at the end. [Fringe Television]

Chuck: Are you sick of looking at Chuck promo videos yet? Sorry, here's a couple more. New stuff includes Chuck putting his "moves" on Sarah, Chuck falling some more, and silly banter. [Spoiler TV]

Smallville: The replacement Lex Luthor, Tess Mercer, has a mysterious connection to Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen in her past. [CW Source] True Blood: Here are synopses of the first four episodes of True Blood, HBO's new show about vampires and synthetic blood substitute based on the bestselling novels.

Episode 1.01: Strange Love (series premiere) - September 7 Across the country, vampires have "come out of the coffin" following the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood. In Louisiana, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a waitress with telepathic abilities, falls under the spell of sexy, 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) – whose thoughts she can't read. After saving Bill from the Rattrays (James Parks, Karina Logue), a pair of ruthless "vampire drainers," Sookie tests the limits of Bill's gratitude when the two are left alone in the dark. Meanwhile, Sookie's best friend Tara (Rutina Wesley) goes to work for Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) at his bar and grill, while Sookie's roguish brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten) finds himself in hot water when a "fangbanger" with whom he's been intimate meets a tragic end. Episode 1.02: The First Taste - September 14 Bill returns Sookie's favor by rescuing her from the Rattrays' revenge, healing the wounded waitress with his own blood and leaving her with temporarily heightened senses. After being invited into Gran's (Lois Smith) house for a "get-to-know-you" gathering with Jason and her family, Bill joins Sookie for a nocturnal sojourn. They end up at Bill's dilapidated antebellum estate, where he fights off his primal vampire urges for the acquiescent Sookie. Later, Sookie's desires get the better of her as she returns to Bill's – and is greeted by a gaggle of his bloodthirsty vampire friends. Episode 1.03: Mine - September 21 Foiled in their attempt to "glamour" Sookie, vampires Malcolm (Andrew Rothenberg), Liam (Graham Shiels) and Diane (Aunjanue Ellis) make a hasty retreat after Bill lays claim to the waitress. At Merlotte's, Sam seeks a short-term remedy to his long-term loneliness, while Tara seeks respite from her mother's alcohol-fueled rage. Spurned by Dawn (Lynn Collins) for lack of performance, Jason turns to Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), Merlotte's short-order cook, for help with his problem. Episode 1.04: Escape From Dragon House - September 28 Another killing in Bon Temps finds Jason back in custody with officers Andy (Chris Bauer) and Bud (William Sanderson). Tara gets him off the hook, but neither she nor Lafayette has the antidote to his current ailment. Urged by Gran to use her telepathic abilities to weed out the murderer and exonerate her brother, Sookie persuades Bill to take her to a Shreveport vampire bar called Fangtasia, where she impresses a dominant Nordic bloodsucker named Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) with her prescient powers. Later, Bill demonstrates his own considerable powers when an abusive patrolman stops the couple on their way home.