This morning's spoilers are pretty video-intensive. There's an adults-only sneak peek at the killer-car movie Death Race. NBC put out some extra-long promo videos for Chuck, Knight Rider and Heroes, with some scenes you've only heard about so far. A new Sarah Connor trailer shows John Connor doing the one thing you'd never expect him to do. But it's not all clips: there's a pretty weird new detail about the Star Trek movie. And some bizarrely glam new Lost pics have a couple of surprises that could tell us something. There are also new details about Nicholas Cage's Knowing and the Astro Boy movie. Spoilers not only let you see the future, they also kill lots of time! Star Trek: A bit more about that scene between Old Spock and Young Spock in the new Star Trek movie. Apparently it's "complicated and very interesting," says Young Spock actor Zachary Quinto. And he hints that it's towards the end of the movie, if not at the very end. Also, he says Scotty (Simon Pegg) interacts more with Old Spock than he does with Young Spock. So it sounds as though the Spocks only have one scene together, but Old Spock spends a fair bit of time with Young Scotty. And Pegg's Scotty is the movie's "hilarious" comic relief. (Whiskey guzzling, anyone?) [TrekMovie] Death Race: Here's another clip from the Jason Statham movie that unfortunately isn't Crank 2. It's a "red band" clip, which means it's a bit naughty. So, you know, exercise discretion. [IGN] Click to view

Knowing: You know that scene from Knowing, the future-predicting time capsule movie, where Nicholas Cage's character sees a plane crash in a field? Apparently it's one complete two-minute take. Cage sees the plane, it crashes in the field, he runs towards it and reaches the wreckage. And then he pulls people out of the plane while part of it is blowing up. [Comic Book Resources] Astro Boy: Astro Boy director David Bowers did an interview with Japanese Variety. I don't think there's much new in there. The movie takes place in the futuristic Metro City, where genius scientist Dr. Tenma (voice of Nicholas Cage) builds a robot boy to replace his dead son - then rejects the robo-Pinnochio. Also helping to raise Astro Boy is Dr. Ochanomizu (voice of Bill Nighy), head of the Institute of Science. But eventually Tenma sells Astroboy to circus-master Ham Egg (voice of Nathan Lane). [Variety Japan via Felix Ip] Lost: ABC issued a whole new set of photos of the cast of Lost looking all glammed up. Even Hurley. What does this mean? And why is Michael included? [Remote Blog]

Heroes: Here's a new Heroes trailer that's airing during the Olympics. It includes Mohinder's syringe of Promycin insta-powers serum, plus some pretty bitchin effects.

And also, NBC issued an "electronic press kit" for the new season of Heroes, including this much longer version of a trailer you've seen before. At the very end, there's our first look at the scene where Future Claire tries to shoot Future Peter, and says she's always loved him. Aww. [Via Superhiro] Sarah Connor Chronicles: John Connor's love interest in the second season of the Terminator TV show, Riley, is a nice normal girl for a change, says actor Thomas Dekker. And Summer Glau says her Terminator character, Cameron, will be sorta jealous. But we won't see John and Riley get together too early on in the season. Riley is sarcastic and has a "punk edge to her and wears Doc Martens," says actor Leven Ramblin, and she pursues John at school until he talks to her. She doesn't understand why John is so sheltered. And Sarah Connor doesn't really like Riley, or want her around in their "inner circle." Dekker says there's a whole episode where John deals with his relationship with uncle Derek. John wants Derek to be a father figure, but Derek just wants to train John and prepare him to fight Skynet. And Cameron's "learning curve" about humanity and being a girl is going to accelerate this year - and "her awareness is dangerous," says Glau. And there will be more cliffhangers and twists this year, says Dekker. Also, we'll learn more about "Terminators and water," says bad terminator actor Garret Dillahunt. There's video of the whole interview at the link. [Zap2It] And here are some new trailers. (The first of the three is about a week old, but I don't think we've featured it here. The scene of John shouting his name definitely looked new to me.) Who is John shouting his name to? Is he really telling the evil Terminator who he is? Does he have a death wish? Plus, I love Cameron stapling her face together in the second trailer.

Chuck: Also coming back this fall is spy-nerd show Chuck, and here are a couple of new trailers, hinting at lots of Yvonne Strahovski sexiness and Michael Clarke Duncan nastiness:

And here's the EPK for Chuck, including our first look at John Larroquette as a veteran secret agent who trains Chuck to be debonair (sort of). Knight Rider: And finally, here's the Knight Rider EPK, including lots of KITT imitating a Transformer. And Mike being a snarky bad-ass. How can anybody think this show won't be good?