Click to viewLong longer, before Luke and friends took center stage, there was a tumultuous galaxy (far, far away) nearly torn apart by frequent, devastating wars. The Knights of the Old Republic expansion for the Star Wars Miniatures game, hitting shelves next week, will let you recreate conflicts from the pre-history of the Star Wars universe. We've got a sneak peek at five new minis with their stat cards. Why is Vader around? He's a major bad-ass, that's why.

Star Wars Miniatures is a tactical tabletop game that lets you build your own squad of fighters to pit against your opponent. You can mix and match eras or even factions, so feel free to have a Mandalorian Captain lead an army of Ewoks into battle against a Jedi Knight and ten storm troopers.

Vader. Did I mention that he's a bad-ass? He's here to rip up your Jedis. And he's probably going to chuck a light saber at your head.

Yeah, it's a Gungan. Every army needs cannon fodder.

Nothing ruins a party faster than a Mandalorian lobbing a grenade into the crowd. Except maybe a group of Mandalorians attacking everyone twice.

I don't see any Mandalorian Commandos here.

I would say that the name says it all, but these things aren't named "Big Ugly Lizard Creatures That Can Bite Your Arm Off."

Stay tuned for more Star Wars gaming news - next week we'll have an early look at the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide for the Star Wars RPG. Images by: Wizards of the Coast.