If you wish that future dystopias had more scenes of hot young fashion models violating your civil liberties, then the BBC's new show Spooks: Code 9 is for you. A spin-off from the BBC's 24 clone, Spooks, Code 9 takes place after a nuclear attack destroys London. With the central government wiped out, it's up to local authorities to keep order. We follow six cute young things — including the "Doctor's Daughter" from Doctor Who, Georgia Moffett — as they screw and say things like, "I can lock you up without evidence, and you won't see a lawyer for two years." The first two sexy, sexy episodes aired last night on BBC3, and we've got a sexy, disturbing clip for you. (Clip may be NSFW but everything else is fine.)

Did I mention how great everybody's hair is in this show? They have really great hair. If I'm going to be detained in prison camps without trial or access to counsel, and then killed by overzealous guards, I totally want to be rounded up by someone with awesome hair. And nice skin. Here are some more pics of Georgia's awesome new hair, from BlogtorWho:

So Code 9 takes place one year after the nuclear destruction of London in 2013. As in the Doctor Who episode "Turn Left," everybody's been located to the North, and there are refugee camps. The security state has cracked down, rounding up tons of suspected terrorists without trial and putting them into secret camps. At one point we see scenes on a University campus, and there are soldiers with submachine guns standing guard over the students.

As with parent show Spooks, which proved it was "edgy" by having one female main character tortured to death with a deep fat fryer on screen, Code 9 kills off one female lead in the first episode. The ad-hoc team of young people live in an apartment, sort of like the Real World, and have Torchwood-esque hanky panky in between doing whatever it takes to stop terrorists. The whole thing feels a bit Torchwood-y, actually, including the soundalike opening credits. The best part of the show is the math nerd, Charlie, who gets put in charge of the team after the first episode and has to struggle with being the leader. He's incredibly cute, in a Kyle XY sort of way, but more vulnerable. And he gives out fatherly advice like, "When I was in the math club, we always used to say, 'Don't judge a geek by his glasses.'"

I honestly don't know what to make of Code 9 after the first two episodes. I feel as though it's trying to critique the rise of the security/surveillance state and the downfall of Britain's already tenuous civil liberties. And yet the transitions between scenes happen with a British flag fluttering across the screen, in a very non-ironic way. And the BBC's press release on the series notes the characters' "patriotism" and "hedonism." (The latter being the result of having confronted their own mortality. So let's screw while we can.)

Oh, but I promised you a sexy, disturbing clip. And here it is. One of our young anti-terrorism agents, Jez, is having sex with his sexy, sexy informant. Meanwhile, someone has snuck into a secret detainment camp and is videotaping the dead bodies of three suspected terrorists, killed by guards who went a little too far. I actually really like the way the sexy body parts are juxtaposed with the dead-guy body parts. The clip is borderline work-safe, since there's no nudity beyond what you'd see at a family beach. But it is people having sex juxtaposed with dead people. So use your discretion.