The most spoilery spoilers this morning have to do with the past, not the future - like, we've learned a secret about Captain Kirk's beginnings that could change everything. (Yes, even your lunch plans!) Also, we've seen a new Clone Wars trailer and a new Fringe video that made us oddly excited about both of those properties. Seth Rogen and Samuel L. Jackson explained their movies Green Hornet and The Spirit — and you'll never guess which one of them will look like George Clinton. And new photos from Life On Mars, Knowing, Heroes, The Middleman and Stargate Atlantis give away the goods big time. The goods, I tell you. Also, there are new tidbits about Sarah Connor and Knight Rider. Yay for omnitemporal spoilers!

Star Trek:

Star Trek: Enterprise star Dominic Keating tried out for a minor role in the new Trek movie (and didn't get it.) But this weekend, he spilled the beans: he was up for the role of James Kirk's "evil stepfather." That admission, plus the fact that Papa George Kirk wasn't in the scenes of Jim's Iowa childhood being filmed in Bakersfield, CA, makes people think something unfortunate befalls poor George. (Maybe on the USS Kelvin?) [Trek Movie]


Here's a new promo pic for Nicholas Cage's clairvoyant apocalypse movie Knowing. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here's a new Clone Wars trailer, which shows a lot more of dark Jedi assassin Asajj Ventress and her master, Count Dooku. (And it's nice to hear Christopher Lee's voice again, honestly.) I got just a tinge of the old Star Wars goosebumps watching this, something that hasn't happened with most of the Clone promos so far.
Also, I'm not sure if this featurette is new or not, but it was new to me:

And IGN has an exclusive clip showing Obi-Wan trying to find Anakin. [IGN]

The Spirit:

In case you were wondering, the villain of The Spirit, The Octopus, isn't connected to the number eight or sporting tentacles or anything. But he's called that because he has his tentacles wrapped around everybody's business in the city, explains actor Samuel L. Jackson. He's also indestructable, insane, flamboyant and a snazzy dresser. Oh, and Frank Miller says the Spirit is an "urban Zorro" who relies on his fists instead of gadgets. [Comic Book Resources]

Green Hornet:

Star and co-writer Seth Rogen has completed a draft of the Green Hornet movie script, and says it'll be similar to True Lies, in that there's lots of action but "the relationships are all personal, and that's where the comedy comes from." Rogen jokes that he'll play the Hornet with four-foot dreadlocks, looking like P-Funk leader George Clinton. But later, he admits the character will be "clean cut" because he's a "media mogul." [MTV]


Fox sent out this behind-the-scenes clip of a publicity photo shoot for Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new don't-call-it-the-X-Files show. It includes the actors talking about their characters, and tossing out dark hints that some of the good guys may turn out to be bad guys. (And one actor actually does compare Fringe to the X-Files. Months of PR work undone!)

Life On Mars:

The American remake of British cult time-travel show Life On Mars did some filming over the weekend, and here are a couple of set pics showing your first look at Lisa Bonet as Sam Tyler's colleague/girlfriend Maya. [Spoiler TV]


Noah Bennett aka HRG filmed a scene with Elle (Kristen Bell) recently, in which it looks like the duo arrives somewhere together, and then Elle gets a cab on her own. (I miss Veronica Mars!) And then in another scene, HRG and Elle are both at PrimaTech Paper. (More pics at the link.) Meanwhile, Milo Ventimiglia filmed a scene where Peter Petrelli falls off a building, and here's a behind-the-scenes video. And here's a promo showing Hiro versus his new arch-nemesis Daphne, that's been showing during the Olympics. [Heroes Spoilers]

Oh, and here's an NBC Fall TV promo which includes people from Heroes and Chuck.

Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The Terminator TV show's second season's episode titles will include "Samson & Delilah," "No Good Deed," "The Mousetrap" "Goodbye To All That" and "Alpine Fields." [Spoiler TV]

Knight Rider:

You may want to call the new version of Knight Rider's talking car all sorts of things, but here's a new 10-second promo that lets you know what to call him. [Knight Rider Online]

The Middleman:

Here are some promo pics from tonight's episode, featuring Kevin Sorbo as a 1960s Middleman who's awoken from cryogenic suspension. [SF-Fandom forums, apparently from IGN but I couldn't find the original source]

Stargate Atlantis:

Producer Joseph Mallozzi posted a bunch of photos from the Stargate Atlantis episode "Whispers," and here are some of the best ones. [JosephMallozzi]

Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.