On the face of it, it looks like a zero sum game; Marvel strips one of their X-Men characters of his Canadian heritage, and then reveals that another long-lived mutant happens to hail from the well-behaved country to the North of the US. But when the replacement Canadian for popular hero Wolverine is official most evil mutant ever Magneto, you have to wonder: Does Marvel have something against Canada in general? The revelation of Magneto's heritage, plus the brand new official first date of Magneto and Professor Xavier, under the jump.

This week's third issue of Marvel's Ultimate Origins series focuses on the first time that the future Ian McKellan met the future Patrick Stewart, revealing that everyone's favorite bald telepath apparently had a thing for his students before he was crippled:


Luckily, Charles Xavier seems to like the hard to get thing:

As with all good first dates, the two quickly end up in a back alley. Sadly for slashficcers the world over, it's just to test each other's powers:


From there, it's a whirlwind romance of wanting to change the world and romping through the lush greenness of "the Savage Land," because they really are making this way too easy to read things into the story. It's in the Savage Land that Magneto makes his fateful revelation:

Relatively normal, Erik? In Canada? I think not.

To be fair, in Ultimate Origins, Wolverine is also firmly Canadian, so perhaps the whole point of the series is to show that Canada isn't necessarily evil as such; it's just full of genetic mutations who will cause massive amounts of destruction when they fight in America. It's probably an allegory or something.


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