Today's spoiler roundup includes the first plot details about the new Battlestar Galactica TV movie, and some set pics that reveal an important journey for Doctor Who's Sarah Jane. Also, Alex Proyas explains a bit about Knowing, the Nicholas Cage apocalyptic time-capsule movie. We've seen some casting script pages for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, including the revelation that one female character is addicted to lesbian porn. There are new videos for Fringe and True Blood, and some new tidbits for Eureka, Smallville, Lost and The Middleman. Plus the first look at some characters as they'll appear on Spectacular Spider-Man and Transformers: Animated. Spoilers ahead, next 2000 words. Battlestar Galactica: Some new details about the BSG TV movie, to be directed by Edward James Olmos and written by Jane Espenson, have emerged. As we suspected from the cast list so far, it's very cylon-centric. It deals with the attempts of the cylons, and two cylon agents in particular, to grapple with the remnants of humanity right after the cylon genicide. It takes place partly on Caprica and other planets, and partly in the fleet. [L.A. Times] Knowing: Knowing, the movie where Nicholas Cage finds a time capsule from 1958 that predicts everything that's happened for the past 50 years - up until the apocalypse next week - is about deep philosophical questions, says director Alex Proyas (Dark City). It's about the power of knowledge, and the responsibility that comes with hit. And the movie deliberately has a small cast, because it focuses on the relationship between Cage's character and his son, who actually finds the capsule. Also, Cage's character has lost his faith in the workings of the universe, and rediscovers his faith in the course of the movie. [Sci Fi Wire] Sarah Connor Chronicles: Some casting side pages for the Terminator TV show have leaked out, but some fans believe they're fake. My guess? They're real casting sides, but they don't look like actual pages from the show's script. (You can tell when casting sides are actual script pages, because the pages have the tail ends of other scenes, and stuff crossed out and scribbled on them.) But assuming they're real casting sides for new characters in the show, the seventh episode will introduce a screwed up family in an Alpine cabin. David is a banker who's gotten involved in an illegal deal to help a tech company, Teledyne, buy another company and cover up its debts. Sarah tracks him down and asks him about it, while Terminators fight outside. Meanwhile, David's wife Anne is disappointed with her married life, and is a bit of a slut. And their daughter Laurel is a brat who uses David's computer to look at lesbian porn. (Again, these may be scenes written to try out actors, not necessarily exactly what the characters will be like in the show.) [Spoiler TV] Sarah Jane Adventures: Remember that two-parter we mentioned, where Sarah Jane travels back to the 1950s and meets herself as a baby, plus her parents who died when she was too young to remember? Well, here are some set pics that have just turned up. And sadly, I have to say Rose's 1950s outfit was cooler than Sarah Jane's. More pics at the link. [Cassandra O'Brian]

Fringe: Here's a new trailer for Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new mad-science-conspiracy show, plus a viral video about "The Pattern" and sheep acting weird and the gummint and stuff.

Smallville: Clark won't be teaming up with Jimmy for any journalism-ish stuff any time soon, but he will be doing lots of investigative journalism with Lois. [TV Guide] Lost: Jack and Juliet will be reunited - perhaps as soon as this coming season, sources say. And meanwhile, Juliet will play an important role in season five. [TV Guide again] True Blood: Here are a couple of new trailers for HBO's new series about vampires and synthetic blood.

The Middleman: Tyler is around as Wendy's boyfriend for a while. Meanwhile, we won't witness any hanky-panky between the Middleman and Wendy's roommate Lacey "just yet," but their romantic paths will cross again soon, with an unexpected twist. [TV Guide again] Eureka: Nathan will be moving more towards the good side and becoming less of a divisive figure in Eureka season three, just as other people dabble with the dark side. Nathan will become more a part of Allison's life and the scientific community in general. [Media Blvd] Spectacular Spider-Man: Here's a first peek at the cartoon versions of Mysterio and Kraven The Hunter from the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. [IGN]

Transformers: Animated: A new toy gives the first glimpse of the "jet mode" of the voyager class Skywarp in Transformers: Animated. [TFormers]