Zack Snyder has repeatedly pledged that the Watchmen film will remain true to its comic roots, but he has introduced at least a few of his own innovations to the Watchmen universe. A slew of new prop photos suggests that the onscreen version of the second Nite Owl will be sporting some gizmos you won't find in the pages of Moore and Gibbons' opus.

Rick Gamez, whose uncredited prop work has appeared in Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the most recent Indiana Jones, posted the concept art and finished products for two Nite Owl props.


The owl-shaped handheld is presumably a re-imagined version of the remote that commands Daniel Dreiberg's Owlship. But far more puzzling are the retractable shurikens emblazoned with Nite Owl's signature crescent moon. Has Nite Owl somehow become a ninja in his leap from page to screen? Or is this Snyder's attempt to make him seem more like Batman?

Rick's Custom Props