Welcome back to spoiler-land. Some new set pics from Heroes show a returning character, while a super-brief clip of the G.I. Joe filming gives a glimpse of super-ninja Storm Shadow in action. We pore over some clues to the identity of the final Cylon on Battlestar Galactica, and examine some hints as to who'll show up on Doctor Who next year. Joss Whedon explains what to expect from Dollhouse's new pilot, and there's new footage of Shirley Manson on Sarah Connor. We also read a bunch of pages from an upcoming Chuck script - including a shocking betrayal - and there are some new hints about Smallville and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Please leave spoilerland as you found it! G.I. Joe: Spoiler TV-Movies got hold of a very brief clip of Storm Shadow getting ready to do a stunt on the G.I. Joe set. It's really hard to see anything at all, except that it looks like the ninja is going to fall or jump off of some kind of ledge. [Spoiler TV-Movies] Doctor Who: The sometimes reliable sources at the Doctor Who Forum are claiming the 2009 specials will include John Simm playing the Master, Brian Blessed playing Brian Blessed, and the Sea Devils praying they don't end up in string vests again. Also, Noel Clarke claims Mickey will appear in the 2009 specials at some point. [Doctor Who Forum] Heroes: Kristen Bell is back, shooting her multi-episode arc (probably beginning around episode 9 of the season) right now. And around episode 11, some of the action will shift to a comic book store in Athens, Georgia. [EW] And by coincidence, here are some set pics, including the first glimpse of Kristen Bell in season three. [Heroes Spoilers]

Battlestar Galactica: In a very cryptic exchange in Michael Ausiello's spoiler column, someone claimed they'd asked him in a dream who the final Cylon was, but couldn't remember what he answered. Ausiello says his answer, in this person's dream, was "Shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames." Is this a clue? Or just Ausiello being more goofy than usual? [EW] Meanwhile, in a slightly more useful exercise, fans are trying to piece together the clues about the final Cylon. It's not any of the people in the "Last Supper" pic, and it's not someone who's "in the fleet" during the most recent episode. The exigencies of Cylon gender balance would point to a female character. (But did the Cylons' creator care about gender balance?) Hot favorites are all supposedly dead: Kat, Ellen Tigh, Cally and Kendra Shaw. (Note that Cally and Ellen were apparently on set for the finale, judging from that video we posted the other day.) [Battlestar_Blog] Dollhouse: In this video interview for Fearnet, Joss Whedon explains the difference between the original pilot for his mind-wiped puppet show and the new pilot he's shooting now. (The original pilot will be the second episode.) The new first episode will show Echo (Eliza Dushku) being imprinted with a personality and going on an "assignment," which will wrap up at the end of the episode, thus introducing the premise. The now-second episode will come at the show's premise "sideways" and set up more plot strands. Neither episode shows the characters meeting for the first time, as was the case in the Firefly pilot that got pushed back to become a later episode. [Watching Dollhouse]

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Here are some new promos for the Terminator TV show, which show off more of Shirley Manson in action, plus John Connor's new potential girlfriend asking him if he thinks about the future much. The last one is particularly excellent.

And here are some extremely cute new promo pics. [Spoiler TV]

Smallville: In "Committed," the fifth episode of the new season, Clark and Lois go undercover as "lovebirds" when they investigate some weird goings-on involving a crazy guy and a Moment Of Truth-esque lie detector. And at some point, the duo have to make out, but it's not clear if this will lead to actual romantic chemistry between them. [TV Guide] Chuck: Remember that episode we mentioned yesterday, where Chuck, Sarah and Casey go to a carnival to confront Fulcrum? And then Chuck's ex-girlfriend Jill shows up, and he's not sure if he can trust her? Well, some script pages have turned up. (Actually, they're audition pages, but they're almost certainly from the actual script.) Jill and Chuck are on a quasi-date at the carnival, with Casey and Sarah watching from a distance. Chuck is doing well, and Sarah says she "gave him some tips," then adds that she'll shoot Casey if he says anything. A kid walks up and asks what show this is, and Casey says it's the "get shot in the head show if you don't scram." (Adam Baldwin!) Meanwhile, Chuck is actually doing well at darts, impressing Jill. But then we jump forward in the script, and it's all gone to heck. Jill tells Chuck: "You have to do exactly what I say," and Chuck informs her that "my completely rational fear of carnivals has spread to ex-girlfriends." Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey are searching through the carnival, and walk past an evil Fulcrum agent talking on his phone, and he eyes them. At that moment, Chuck points out to Jill that she's leading him out to the parking lot, to do exactly what she said she wouldn't. And then an ominous man named "Leader" approaches and blocks their path, and Jill is freaked. Chuck is confused, because he doesn't "flash" on "Leader," who knows his name. Leader tells Jill that Chuck's handlers are on the move, and orders her to eliminate Chuck now. "Now you can freak out," Leader tells Chuck. "Don't think," Leader tells Jill. "Shoot him in the head, and let's go." Chuck tries to run and Leader grabs his arm. "This is a test, Jill," Leader says. But as Leader pulls out his own gun, Jill points her gun at the Leader instead, and he tells her she's making a mistake. Then Sarah shows up and shouts to freeze. Leader points his gun at Sarah and Casey, and they dive for cover. Chuck runs away, and tries to hide out in the carnival's Gravitron, but there's a sign saying "CLOSED" as a carnie works on its motor. Chuck runs inside anyway. Later, Morgan, Jeff and Lester are supposed to be watching the Buy More, but Morgan says "I've got a real dinner for us to go to. With real people." "What about Big Mike?" asks Lester. "We've got Jeff's booby trap protecting the store," says Morgan. "Let's get out of here," says Lester. Behind them, "the light on the security panel blinks." Meanwhile, Chuck is in a holding cell at "The Castle." Leader is looking at information on a computer, Jill by his side, when the power cuts out and emergency lights go on. Leader goes down to the cell and asks Chuck what he did. Read the manual, Chuck says. Then "I locked you out of the computer system through the remote console." Now Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Leader and Jill are all trapped in bulletproof cells. Not only that, but Leader can't contact his men, and the CIA are already on their way. "The nerd part of me really wants to say 'Checkmate' right now," Chuck says. But Leader has some explosive, and he threatens to blow up Sarah and Casey with it, unless Chuck lets him out. So Chuck does. Leader orders Chuck to show him the way out of there. "If you hurt him, I swear..." says Sarah, still locked up. Jill shoots Sarah an "evil smile." But as soon as Leader, Jill and Chuck are gone, Sarah and Casey's cell opens. And there's a message from Chuck: "Taking them to Buy More. Unleash the Casey." Chuck opens a trapdoor into Buy More's Theater Room, leading Leader and Jill up there. Later, Big Mike watches as Leader is put in a police car. "You messed with the wrong store!" he shouts. The cops are actually spies, and Casey coordinates taking Leader into CIA custody. They ask Casey if he needs a clean-up team, and he says, "No, I think that's my actual job." Meanwhile, Ellie and Morgan speculate about whether Jill is still around, and whether "he" (Chuck?) will break up with Sarah. In the courtyard of Chuck's building, he apologizes to Sarah and says he should have listened to Sarah from the start. [Spoiler TV] But what you really want to know is, what will Sarah's new work outfit look like? Here ya go. (Sorry about weird jumps.)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Princess Leia and the Emperor both have "pivotal" roles in the new Star Wars video game, which takes place after Episode III. Does that mean we'll get to see Leia as a little kid? [Action Trip] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.