The citizens of the island city of Vulture are battling a virus that changes its civilians into bloodthirsty mutants. In this surreal world, the characters' massive heads lend them mind powers, and the title character, Chadham (pictured above) has an imagination is so powerful that he becomes Vulture City's only hope to defeat the many issues that plague its residents, including a serial killer, a mutating virus and monsters. The television series Chadam is coming to the WB and premiered its first trailer at Comic-Con. Click through for a gallery of the characters (including Simkin the narrator who is half teddy bear, half zombie) and the first video footage.

The Chadham myspace also has a blog posting from the character where he tries to grasp what is happening to the city. First he suspects aliens, then a virus takes hold of the citizens of Vulture and the government starts "shipping off" the infected, and finally a serial killer appears.


But most disturbing is Simkin's reports that those infected with the virus have been found in a puddle of human remains.

[via Quiet Earth]