Click to viewA "wrap video" showing the final days of filming of Battlestar Galactica has turned up online, and it gives a tantalizing glimpse inside the show's inner workings. It's also really sad to watch the show's cast and crew embrace for the last time after filming wraps. The 17-minute video also includes a slideshow of the tail end of filming, which shows some of your favorite characters a bit the worse for wear. Click through to see a bit more of the video and some images. With possible spoilers, and one gruesome image.

It's interesting to watch producers Ron Moore and Michael Rymer on the set, working closely with the cast. And it's neat to be able to see clearer images of some of the sets we've only seen in the rush of motion, filled with actors acting, in the past. Of course, since scenes were being filmed out of order, there's no way of knowing which of the last 10 episodes any of these scenes come from.

Random things that jumped out at me watching the video and looking at the slides in the slideshow: Is that Lee in a flightsuit again? Also, is Nikki Clyne (Cally) hanging out on set randomly? Or is Cally going to appear (as a ghost or something else?) in the final episodes?


We also glimpse the filming taking place in something that looks sort of like a strip joint, with good ol' Saul Tigh (with two eyes) as one of the customers. (I'm thinking flashback, since that appears to be Ellen in one set pic as well.) And it seems like Bill Adama — in a suit — is there as well.

And it looks like Gaius and Six both don flak jackets together at some point. And are Bill Adama and Laura Roslin flying a raptor together? It looks like at least one of the Sharon Cylons gets bruised pretty badly, but at least her head is in one piece, which is more than you can say for the Kevin Spacey Cylon, whose actual name I always forget. There's much more of the video at the link. Gorgeous photos by Denny Silic. [Battlestar Blog]