Spoilers are all about our drive to expand the scope of human knowledge. Find out a bit about how Terminator Salvation ends, how Iron Man 2 will carry on from the original, how one villain will appear in Transformers 2, and exactly how Anakin manages to have a padawan in Star Wars: Clone Wars. Plus, there are new images from Death Race and Dragonball, and new info about psychic-kids movie Push. We have new footage from Doctor Who, Heroes and Fringe, and details on a new character on Stargate Atlantis, who faces a shocking fate. Spoilers are progress in action! Iron Man 2: Robert Downey Jr. made some incredibly vague comments about the sequel to his hit movie Iron Man. The sequel won't follow the "superhero formula," and instead will explore how the super-armor powers affect Tony Stark's life and the family he gathers around him. And we'll get to see lots of different viewpoints, as we explore the forces that are at work in Tony's world. [IESB] Terminator Salvation: The fourth Terminator movie ends on a cliffhanger. Moon Bloodgood's character, Blair, gets shot in the leg and has a limp. And Kate Connor (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a doctor. Also, the film takes place in 2018 and the Schwarzenegger-esque T-800s aren't supposed to show up until 2029 — so if they show up early, "that's a problem for John," says director McG. [MoviesOnline] Transformers: Return Of The Fallen: Supposedly the villain from the first Transformers movie, Megatron, will pop up in the second film. But this time around, he'll be a tank. And one draft of the script had the good-guy Autobots bringing Megatron back to help deal with a bigger menace. [CHUD] Death Race: Here's the international poster for the prison-race movie Death Race. Not that spoilery, I guess, except that it makes his sidekick Case (Natalie Martinez) seem way more significant in the film than other posters I've seen. Plus there are traffic lights. Or is that some kind of racing "Go" light? [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Star Wars: Clone Wars: Warner Bros. sent as a press release about the Clone Wars movie, which launches the TV series. Anakin is no longer a padawan, but a full-fledged Jedi knight (despite all the evidence to the contrary in Star Wars III) and Yoda assigns Ahsoka to be his padawan. She challenges both Anakin and Obi-Wan, refusing to do things their way. She becomes a mentor to her would-be mentors. She takes on a similar role to Luke in the original trilogy and Anakin in the prequels. Many people believe Ahsoka is too young to go into Jedi training, but the war has stretched resources so thin that Ahsoka wins an early promotion. "We come across Anakin and Obi Wan stranded in this big battle without many supplies, and all they get sent to them is this young girl," says director Dave Filoni. [Warner Bros.] Plus, here are a couple of pages from a new book about Clone Wars, which give away a few hints about Ahsoka. [TheForce.Net]

Push: Speaking of teen girls with attitude, Dakota Fanning plays a punk-rock teenager, Cassie, in Push, the psychic-kids movie. She's a "Watcher," a clairvoyant who sees snippets of the future and then tries to reach that future before people's actions in the present change what she's seen. She's on her own in Hong Kong, hiding from a secret government agency that wants to exploit the superpowered teens' powers. And she's trying to save her mom. [Sci Fi Wire] Dragonball: Here are four new promo images from the live-action Dragonball movie, including new views of Goku and Chi Chi. [HoyCinema and MovieSoon via FirstShowing]

Doctor Who: So you remember the extended version of the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special, which we mentioned seeing at Comic-Con? It's on YouTube now, in multiple versions, and this is the least bad version. Note the speaking role for the evil Miss Hartigan, plus the first views of new companion "Rosita" in action.

Heroes: How badly do you want to see the first 15 minutes of the Heroes season premiere? Badly enough to sit through a quarter of an hour of cameraphone vid? Really? Well then, here you go. [Heroes The Series]

Fringe: Fox Broadcasting put a bunch of clips from Fringe, this fall's evil-science-conspiracy show from J.J. Abrams, on YouTube. The first and second clips are similar to ones we've posted before, but the others are new. Plus here's a segment on the making of Fringe from Entertainment Tonight. [Entertainment Tonight clip via SpoilerTV]

Stargate Atlantis: The 17th episode of Stargate Atlantis season five, which airs in early 2009, introduces a new character, a Marine named Lt. Williams. He doesn't even get a first name, and if you were cynical, you might not be placing too much stock in his longevity. Why are you so cynical? I'm not even going to mention that Lt. Williams goes off on his own to explore a supposedly abandoned Wraith vessel that has turned up near Atlantis. Or that part of the wall melts and a gruesome-looking Wraith without his mask lunges out and attacks Williams. I certainly won't bring up that by the time Major Lorne and Col. Sheppard show up on the scene, there's nothing left of Williams except his rifle. Nope. Meanwhile, Dr. Jennifer Keller is being pressured to expand her knowledge of Wraith physiology. She admits to Rodney McKay that she's suffering a lack of self-confidence, and McKay takes her hand as he encourages her. The two have been growing closer. [SpoilerGeeks] Additional research by Lauren Davis.