Yes, I know that we showed you some of the best Comic-Con fan costumes yesterday, but that wasn't the only fashion parade during last week's nerdfest. Marvel Comics - never one to play down a marketing opportunity - held their own fashion show during the con, and we've got the pics to prove it under the jump.

According to Marvel's Director of Merchandising, Damon Nee, the show brought the show to a standstill:

Traffic stopped all around the booth as fans craned their necks to take in the costumes... Well, the models in the costumes.

Maybe people were so stunned by the tackiness that they lost the ability to use their legs? It's definitely a possibility with outfits like these:

That's right. It's the cast of the long awaited What If Marvel's Superheroes Were Played By E!'s The Girls Next Door.

Marvel say that these costumes will be available in time for Hallowe'en this year, with their official letter of apology to signficant others of superhero fetishists who were forced to wear said costumes by their partners being available the next day.

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