If you're a fan of the Bioshock game, where a subaquatic Utopian society goes terribly wrong, you'll be weirdly drawn to the futurist gang behind real-life think tank The Venus Project. They've got a whole plan for optimizing society, using planned communities and cultural engineering. And the best part is that they've got a seriously googie 1950s futurism vibe going in all their designs. So space age! So wonderful! Check out your future Utopia, below.

Here's the streamlined Venus airport where you'll arrive in your super-spaceage plane.

Check out the main meeting center, where the vast digital library filled with artificial intelligences will be housed.

This just makes me think of Disney World, which makes sense because The Venus Institute is located in Florida (where Disney World lives too).

More awesome housing, above, and some beautiful sea-going cities below.

Want to learn more? Visit the Venus Project.