Anything can be a spoiler, it seems - even clothing. A new report gives details on the Starfleet uniforms in the new Star Trek movie, including some shocking miniskirt news. Also, you can take in key plot points (and form snap judgments) for Death Race, Disaster Movie and Chuck season two by watching some new trailers. We have higher res Watchmen posters that show just how close it'll be to the graphic novel. And there are new scoops on Battlestar, Sarah Jane Adventures, Heroes, Smallville and Eureka. Which villain is George Clooney-esque? It's a spoiler! Star Trek: The uniforms in J.J. Abrams' Trek relaunch will look uncannily similar to the original series' uniforms. The men will have grey pants that are almost black, with boots, and women will have miniskirts that are (gasp!) a bit longer than on the original show. And at least one female castmember will wear (OMG!) pants. From the waist up, both men and women will have the color-coded V-neck shirts, over a black undershirt. (Hence that little V-shaped black collar thingy.) As in the original show, Kirk, Chekov and Sulu are yellowshirts, Spock and McCoy are blueshirts, and Uhura and Scotty are (non-fatal) redshirts. But there are also many varieties of outfits, including civillian clothes, cadet uniforms, pressure suits, and different variations used for scenes on another starship. (In the past?) [Trek Movie] Watchmen: Here are some higher res versions of the Watchmen posters from Comic-Con that we posted the other day.

Disaster Movie: Here's a new 30 second TV spot for Disaster Movie. I think this is probably all of the funny moments from the film in one easy-to-digest chunk, actually. [Coming Soon]

Death Race: And speaking of TV spots crammed with all the good stuff, here are five new spots for Death Race, which opens in a few weeks. I saw one of these during The Daily Show last night, and at TiVo fast-forward speeds, it definitely made this film look like some nice short-attention-span candy. [Shocktillyoudrop]

Sarah Jane Adventures: Still no Doctor Who spoilers, sorry. But here are some new spoilers for spin-off show Sarah Jane Adventures. In episodes 9 and 10 of the new season, Sarah Jane and Luke travel back in time to the 1950s, to a church fete (a kind of fair) at Foxglove Village. There, they meet Sarah Jane's parents, plus baby Sarah Jane. We discover that Sarah Jane doesn't remember her parents, because they died when she was a baby. So she's tempted to alter history and bring her parents back. (And didn't we already do this with Rose on Who? Plus, didn't we already visit Sarah Jane as a girl last season?) Also, Sarah Jane introduces herself and Luke as "the Beckhams." [Time Vortex] Battlestar Galactica: TV Guide posted some Comic-Con interviews with the Battlestar cast. Now that the Galactica crew has found Earth, what next? Says Jamie Bamber, they have to wake up and figure out what meaning is left, and if there is none, they have to create some somehow. They have to find a way to keep on living now that their reason for carrying on is gone. It's a metaphor for the meaning of life. Meanwhile, Katee Sackhoff says Starbuck is still questioning whether she's a Cylon. And now that she knows her husband is a Cylon, she's re-evaluating what it means to be a Cylon because she still loves Anders. (She does?) And it sounds like something significant will happen with the Starbuck-Apollo-Anders love triangle, because Sackhoff stops herself just in time before giving away a big spoiler. But she did say we'll know by the end whether Starbuck and Apollo belong together. As the final batch of episodes begin, every character has had his/her heart ripped out, says James Callis. Everything they thought they believed in has been trashed. [Galactica Sitrep] Heroes: Here are a few more promo pics from the Heroes third season premiere. Nice cricket bat, Maya! [Heroes Spoilers]

Chuck: Are you pumped for the return of Chuck, the show about a beta-nerd with a spy computer in his brain? Here's a new high-octane trailer. [SpoilerTV]

Smallville: Here's an incredibly blurry copy of the Smallville season eight trailer that appeared at Comic-Con last weekend. I think I saw a blob that could have been Clark at one point. And I'm guessing that's new LuthorCorp CEO Tess saying something about thinking of her as more than a boss.

And meanwhile, the show's new producers hint there may be "Super Sex" in the future for Lois and Clark. [CW Lounge] Also, Doomsday is "charming and George Clooney-like," says Alison Mack. And Chloe's superpowers are going to grow. And Clark will realize he may not be entitled to all of Chloe's time. [TV Guide] Eureka: S.A.R.A.H., the smart house on Eureka, answered fans' questions on Twitter. Among other things, she hinted that now that the drones are under control, there are problems brewing in Lab 27. [Twitter] Additional research by Lauren Davis.