We tried our best to bring you the highs, lows and news from last week's Comic-Con, but there was one essential part of the experience that we've kept from you... until now. Under the jump, some of the best costumes from the show, courtesy of Maximum PC's "Ultimate Geek Gallery."

It's... a Burger King Joker, I guess? Or perhaps an Emperor Joker? But what with a conference center full of Heath Ledger-alikes, it was nice to see a different take on ol' smiley.

And here's the Joker's Dark Knight nemesis, looking just as impressive as he did with millions of dollars' worth of CGI behind him.

You can just imagine the conversation here, can't you? "Okay, I'm gonna be Arnold Terminator. I'll look bad-ass and have blood all over me. You can be the other guy from T2. Here. Stick this on your hand and dress like a cop."

Dear DC Comics:
This is why a Question movie would look awesome.

Am I the only person who finds this Plastic (Wo)Man strangely sexy? If so, forget I said anything.

He may play a faceless hard-ass in the Halo videogames, but in real life? The Master Chief is a nerd just like you and me.

Hulk Smash! Or, if his plush muscles are anything to go by, maybe he'll just cuddle you to death.

The stars of Star Wars: Episode 2.5: When Those Clones Were Kids.

Sadly, when you tried to open up his chest in real life, it was already full of blood and guts and shit.

While I didn't see any Doctor Mrs. The Monarchs - and shame on all of you for that, collective Comic-Con attendees - this awesome Dr. Henry Killinger (complete with Monarch Henchman) almost made up for it.

No, your eyes really aren't deceiving you; that really is Teela and Evil-Lyn cosying up to the terrifying mascot of Mattel, "Matty". I'm telling you, Matty freaked me out last weekend.

Now that he's lost his main squeeze to a freakily-headed corporate mascot, poor Skeletor has nothing better to do than just hang around the con, heartbroken.

There are two children who are going to grow up to resent their parents. Do you think that when the little girl hits puberty and starts rebelling against her mom and dad, they'll make her wear the Dark Phoenix outfit instead?

You know what makes this Starscream so great? The incredibly happy, smiling face. He may be a murderous killing machine out to enslave humanity, but look at him - He's so cute!

Possibly the best outfits of the entire con - Human Tie Fighters. The only thing that would've made this better would be if someone had thought to decorate the entire con like the surface of the Death Star, so that at the end of Sunday, they could've run around it, while a gang of kids dressed as the Millennium Falcon pretended to shoot at them before shouting "You're all clear, kid! Now let's blow this thing so we can all go home!"

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