"Lets Talk" was truly the worst chapter of Going Postal, the three-part Heroes web series.

Posty, the mailman who hurts peoples' brains when he screams, hears a knock at the door, and you can bet it's more terrible actors from the Company. Click through to find out if Posty and his sexy lady friend escape from peril.


After killing off The Constrictor by yelling at him (goodbye, our pale terribly acted friend), the Postman and his unrealistically hot girlfriend must defend themselves from a knock on the door.

Posty knows that no good can come of this new visitor and sends Latina lady away telling her that he'll come after her, "rain or shine." How much would it suck if you dated someone who used mottos from their work in personal situations?

Then Posty watches with burning eyes as sexy GF grabs the cat and heads out the door. Was the cat necessary? Why was this important, is the cat an integral part of the plot? Why doesn't the cat get ear plugs? They should have given the cat a speaking part. It would have been better than everyone from the Company. Think about it, tiny cat suits. I would have totally watched a Heroes LOLcats webisode. I can haz death hugz?

So sexy girlfriend runs out the back and hops in the car, which is clearly parked on an open street next to the house. Zoinks, you didn't see me, Companies! Then she puts in some ear plugs, and clearly neglects the cats ears.

Meanwhile Posty answers the door with a witty, "I was expecting company." Two poorly suited men enter the house. With the subtlety and acting grace of a college improv class, the two gentleman tell Posty they're just here to talk.

To which witty Posty replies, "No, you're here to listen." And then he blasts them all with his sonar call. The sound waves reach all the way to his hot girlfriend, but the impact don't seem to break the glass of her car or home (webisode money).

Cut To Black, then it's revealed that it's 13 weeks later. A woman walks down a dark basement in a lady suit and you see Posty all tied up Pulp Fiction style. She lays down a few puns written by Andy Rooney.

Poor Posty - he's all tied up and has no where to go. But more importantly, what happened to the cat?