Earlier this morning, we posted the trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The trailer premiered at Comic-Con on Friday, giving fans the weekend to parse every moment of Logany goodness. After the jump, our shot-by-shot breakdown, plus fan reactions to our first glimpses of Deadpool, Gambit, and Emma Frost.The door opens on Logan and Vincent Creed, who have been sharing a cell in a POW camp. A voice informs them that they had been sentenced to execution by firing squad, a sentence that has already been carried out. We flashback on the pair tied to posts as the fire squad shoots. The voice asks, "How'd that go?"

Logan replies, "It tickled." We cut to an image of Logan outside. He drops a match in gasoline and, in the universal sign of badassery, walks calmly away as an explosion erupts behind him.

A4EFFORT on the Ain't It Cool News Forum asks:

Is there a secret rule that this must always be in a movie??

We now see the voice belongs to none other than Major William Stryker. "You boys tired of running?" he asks. "Tired of denying your true nature?" Creed asks, "What do you care." "Oh, I care. I care ‘cause I know how valuable you are."

Creed and Logan are standing amidst a group of military men. Logan's claws, presumably pre-adamantium, are extended. The Comicologist blog notes:

Yes, Wolverine and Sabretooth look as though they are roughly the same height, but I guess we will all need to deal with that.

Stryker tells them that he is "putting together a special team, with special privileges." Brief flashes on the presumptive "special team" members: Gambit

The Blob

Agent Zero


Silver Fox


The appearance by Deadpool, unmasked and looking rather non-deformed, has caused the greatest surprise and outcry from fans. From Topless Robot:

So although I was about to heap praise all over the Wolverine solo movie, unfortunately, I saw Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool-maskless, red-leather-wearing Deadpool-and just can't muster the energy for compliments anymore.

From Comicologist:

Finally, the character I've been waiting for the most to make his big screen debut, Deadpool. As the image below shows, Deadpool obviously makes an appearance pre-Weapon X experiments, as he looks suspiciously like Ryan Reynolds, and not the disfigure, unhinged merc with a mouth we'd expect.

And, though some fans, like Unoriginal_Erin at the G4 forums, noted that this is probably just the pre-transformation Deadpool, they still feel some concern:

I just really worry that with a handsome fellow like Ryan Reynolds, Hollywood decided it would be better to keep his face cancer-free for the entire movie. Then again, Reynolds is a huge DP fan, so he probably made sure they did it right.

Others, like Daswolfen at Slashdot, took issue with the mutants making up this team:

[W]ould it kill them to at least keep the story straight rather than add characters who had nothing to do with the Weapon X program? Blob and Gambit had NOTHING to do with the weapon x program (not even in any sort of retcon'ed timeline). Where is Maverick, Mastadon and Kestrel? They are not listed on IMDB on the cast list, but Blob, Gambit, Deadpool and gent Zero are. (The latter two were involved in later incarnations of the Weapon X program, not Wolverine's origin).

Stryker asks Creed and Logan, "So, tell me, how would you like to really serve your country?" We get a glimpse of the adamantium tank and cut to a seen of Logan and Creed breathing heavily. Logan says to Creed, "We didn't sign up for this," to which Creed replies, "Who do you think you are?" Somewhere far away, Logan and Silver Fox kiss. Creed continues, "This is what we do."

Logan in now being immersed in the tank that will give him his adamantium skeleton. Styker says, "Become the animal - embrace the other side." Shining claws burst from the tank and the action starts. Logan hurls punches. And, in perhaps the most squeal-eliciting portion of the trailer, Gambit gets two back-to-back action shots, one of him hurling a playing card, with predictably explosive results, and another with him wielding his staff.

But wait, says one Digger:

Gambit? In a movie about Wolvie's origin? That's just so wrong I can't even begin to express it. I've been wanting Gambit in an X-movie, but this is *not* the one he should appear in.

Some are more willing to let it ride, and focus on the portrayal. attycus on the Marvel boards writes:

Taylor Kitsch as Gambit? A great choice! I saw him in The Covenant and thought that he'd make a great Gambit. Hope he'll get the Cajun accent right.

Scenes begin to clip by. We see Logan howling from the discovery of his bone claws as a young lad.

Logan throws Creed through a window.

Logan's motorcycle chased by a Jeep, then a Helicopter.

Logan on a beach, carrying Silver Fox, who looks a little worse for wear.

A young boy frozen behind glass.

Logan boxing with the Blob.

And then, wait, who's this?

Hugh Jackman has confirmed an appearance by Emma Frost in this film, and here we see her in her diamond form.

As with Gambit, fans think Emma is out of place. wolfwrath on the Marvel boards notes:

Love Emma, would love to see her in a film, but this one doesn't seem a logical choice unless there is a Hellfire tie in during the latter time frame part of the movie.

Logan again flees a helicopter on his bike, planting a claw into the road to turn. We see the Jeep again, wobbling off course and headed for a crash. But, in the trailer's penultimate moment, Logan has managed to scramble on top of that helicopter, swinging and clinging for dear life.

Back on the ground, Creed is apparently asking Logan how he intends to kill him, but his words are drowned out by the screaming audience.

Logan answers, "I'm going to cut your goddamn head off. See if that works."

Creed smiles back wolfishly and Worst Previews loves it:

[S]orry, Tyler Mane, but I think Liev Schreiber is going to make a lot better Victor Creed.