In the new scifi thriller Push, sexy teens with mind powers run through Hong Kong trying to escape equally sexy villains who scream so loud they blow up the tanks and the fish inside with their sonic vibrations (the Heroes mailman is going to be pissed that they stole his thing). The plot follows a group of gifted kids who all have psychic powers, and they're hiding out in Hong Kong from the people who want to experiment on them. You've got Movers, Pushers, Seers, and more, all capable of looking hot while doing fighting or fleeing. Click through for the gallery.

Director Paul McGuigan explained at the Comic-Con Push panel that he was attracted to the project because "it's grounded in the historical backdrop of experimentation in psychic warfare. These individuals have have psychic powers but not super powers. Dakota Fanning's character can see into the future, Chris Evans can move things and Camilla Belle can push memories onto you. What if these government experiments were real? And a lot of them were real in the past." Judging from these pictures, I'm guessing Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning have to deal with the some sort of Hong Kong mod, where the boss wears his sunglasses inside. I'm all for anything being shot in Hong Kong, as long as it includes Chinese Gangs. So I guess the gimmick behind naming superpowers in this move is to take a verb and add -er to the end of it. If I had a psychic power I would want to be the Silencer, so I could make all the girls screaming about Twilight silent with my mind powers.