We weren't thrilled by The Mist, last winter's movie of Stephen King's killer-drizzle story. But when we stumbled on this concept art for the film by Swamp Thing co-creator Bernie Wrightson, we started to get excited about what Frank Darabont's Mist movie could have been if it had had a little more Guillermo Del Toro on there. Just check out the slightly forlorn look of The Big Beast, with its slightly obscene mouth protuberance. And click through to see a few more of our faves. The Mist comes out on Blu-Ray soon, according to Darabont.

If you want more Mist-related art thrills, check out the rest of Wrightson's concept art at the link below. And Fangoria has some Mist storyboards that are pretty fun (tentacles wrapping around legs and stuff) here. [WrightsonArt Forum]