Discussed during today's crime- and horror-heavy Vertigo panel were two books that should be on everyone's shopping lists: G. Willow Wilson's Air, about an air hostess with a fear of flying who discovers "the other side of flying" ("You should all buy it because it's awesome," Willow explains, before adding "If you like Miyazaki, if you like the TV show Alias, you'll like this book."), and the long-awaited - not least by its creators - new series of Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart's superhero series Seaguy. The good news for fans of one of Morrison's weirdest and greatest creations is that the new series, Seaguy 2: Slaves Of Mickey-Eye, is going to be followed immediately by a third series, Seaguy Eternal. Will we discover the truth behind sentient foodstuff Xoo, and the ultimate fate of Chubby Da Choona? Thank Fug!