You're in luck if you're still hoping to get in good with the Dharma Initiative, the mysterious organization whose experiments have transformed paranormal castaway drama Lost's island into a hellpit of experimental science gone wrong. As we told you earlier, Dharma is "recruiting" people at Comic-Con to join their organization — to apply, you have to talk to a cute but evasive person, and then fill out a Scientology-esque questionnaire.

For some reason the questionnaire involves origami, and for perhaps the same reason, the "recruiter" I talked to refused to say whether they are looking for people with mind-control powers, spy powers, or just science backgrounds. Apparently, as you'll see in the video below, they are "looking for all kinds of people." Really? Even the guy in the storm trooper Elvis outfit? I saw him today at Comic-Con, by the way. The man is everywhere.