If you're expecting Marvel's comic version of Ender's Game to be a faithful adaptation, then Orson Scott Card has some news for you - It's not, and it's all his fault. Card explained the changes he requested to the comic version and showed off previews of what to expect at Friday's Cup O' Joe Marvel Comics panel, and we've got 'em under the jump.

Card is very happy with Marvel's version of the story... which is good, because that version will be the basis of every other medium's adaptation in the future:

I've been waiting a long time to see it come alive visually, and now I'm getting to see it getting done - better than anything that they'd come up with for the [long-delayed] movie - as a comic... Whatever Marvel [and artist Pasqual Ferry] does is how it's going to look in the movie and how it's going to look in the game... We're getting great material.


But beyond the visuals, what will the book read like?

When [comic scriptwriter] Chris Yost started writing the script, it was too faithful to the material. I begged them, please, no narration at all. Ever. I want no narration. I want it all in scenes, please, do what comics do. What he came back with was so powerful that it made me feel like I was reading the story for the first time. It came totally alive.


The Ender's Game series launches in October.