All of the cast for the new Knight Rider remake was ironically stuck in traffic and showed up late to the San Diego Comic Con panel (insert lame they should have driven KITT joke here). But more exciting than that is the assortment of clips from Knight Rider that was played, showing KITT transforming from a pickup to a mustang, boobs, hack acting, more boobs and giving us all a chance to hear Val Kilmer mumble and lisp his way through doing KITT's voice. How does Michael Knight understand a thing his car says? Click through for panel pictures, more details from the Knight Rider clip, and cast plot spoilers (the Iraq war makes Knight Rider super serious) and wheher or not the Hoff will be back.

Judging from the clip everyone who works at Knight Industries is a bit of a prostitute. We've got half naked ladies, shirtless heroes, and boob tattoo flashes (probably the strangest thing I've ever seen. From what I could tell KITT is an evolving form of AI that can transform into a pick-up from its original Mustang model.

Two characters even jump into the back of the truck's bed while it transforms. KITT also chides (like the old KITT) but it's hard to tell what he's saying, especially when Kitt asks Michael if he's a homosexual, or as Kilmer says a homothethual. Either way this show looks like a disaster. But let me fill you in on a few spoilery details.

First this Michael was in the Iraq war, which the producer, Gary Scott Thompson revealed. No promise of post trauma freak outs but there will be old war buddies, Personally I'd like to see a stressed out Vet take the helm of Kitt and bring down big government.

There will be an evil Kitt or bad car. No word on what color.

Besides the pick up there will also be attack Kitt.

The cast will hang out in their own Bat Cave, eh.

And there may be another cameo by the original Knight, David Hasselhoff. He could possibly be in a one-part or a two-part episode. The producer explained that,"There is no reason to being him back unless it's to extend the new mythology. There is a possibility of him coming back. We just have to make sure the schedule is right."


There may be a cameo by the original Kitt which according to the new Michael Knight lives in Joey Fatone's garage.