It's not true that all DC Universe characters will be unable to inflict "fatalities" in the Mortal Kombat Vs. DC video game after all. DC villains - including Catwoman and some other TBA characters - will be able to inflict actual slaughter on their pitiful foes. We got the chance to demo the game and talk to the developers - and we watched Superman inflict a "brutality," the DC good-guy version of a "fatality."

We don't actually know how Catwoman will inflict a "fatality" yet, because that feature wasn't developed in the version we played. She does do a lovely whip-cracking move after she vanquishes her foe, which is fun to watch. She's wearing a skintight purple outfit that's like the Jim Balent cheesecake costume from the neck down, except that it's open in front and she has MASSIVE cleavage. From the neck up, she has the mask and goggles of the Darwyn Cooke version.

Superman is also a fun character to play, and he can hover and do extra moves like heat vision and freeze breath from mid air. You can also do combo moves, like suck people in with your super inhalation and then freeze them with your freeze breath. You can pull someone up into mid-air and then they hang in the air while you pound on them. Also, Flash can punch at super-speed, and run back and forth and put characters into super-spin. You can circle around using one controller, but also have the 2-D gameplay you remember from the MK arcade game using only the pads.


There's a whole storyline involving those concept art images we showed you before, Batcave and the trashed Metropolis with the Daily Planet globe on the ground and the cave with skulls. There will be cut scenes with true-to-the-comics dialog from Batman and other DC characters. And there'll be a whole story that explains, for example, why Supemran can't just smush Batman like a bug with one punch. (Hint: magic can affect Superman and reduce his powers, and there's tons of magic in the MK universe.) There's a quest and a team-up that brings the universes together, like the old JLA/JSA crossovers, and it progresses in a linear fashion. And it leads to a "huge payoff" involving a familiar DC universe villain that will make the DC fanboys very happy, says co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti.

The best part is that the DC characters' clothes get all ripped up and trashed as they fight — Batman's cowl got shredded as Superman pounded on him, and his chest had huge gouges in it. And when the Flash fought Scorpion, the back of his skintight costum got shredded so that his ass was hanging out, as Palmiotti pointed out gleefully to me. Flash ass FTW!