Time traveling Stargaters bring a whole new side to the SG-1 universe. The new movie's motto could be: "We can do whatever the hell we want 'cause this movie is about time travel." Which roughly translated means Stargate: Continuum slaughters characters at will and flips the SG worlds upside down. The good news is the crazy actually works. Stargate: Continuum, the new SciFi direct to DVD movie based on the Stagate SG-1 series, will please both die-hard fans and those unsure if they could sit through an hour and a half of nonsensical gate jumping. It delivers what we've all been waiting for including solid special effects (the likes of which SG has never seen), a lineup of classic cameos, and plenty of "what if" moments. That being said it's still a movie about Stargate, so good by SG standards may not be up to par with the rest of the non-followers. Click through for the rest of the review plus who's taking a gate to heaven this year.

Continuum takes off where the last DVD Stargate Ark Of Truth left off. The great and powerful Ba'al has been captured by the human Stargaters, and now it's time for his extraction (i.e. execution). The SG-1 staff gathers to watch the demise of the ultimate enemy, including some guy that looks like he ate General Jack O'Neill. In his last words Ba'al explains, in that charming alien manner, that they all will be sorry. Within moments annoying SG member Vala and everyones favorite Jaffa, Teal'c, vanish into thin air. Baal gets loose and stabs O'Neil in the heart, but not before O'Neil squeezes a few awkward zingers into the conversation (I call them O'Neill-isms).

The SG-1 shit is hitting the fan and all of a sudden buildings and people start to disappear. Dr. Daniel Jackson, Col. Cameron Mitchell and Col. Samantha Carter jump through the gate leaving fat O'Neill to die alone. The three are then transported into snowy Arctic. The crew is now in a new world where no one has heard of Stargate, there is no Stargate and Carter, Mitchell and Jackson are simply a pack of crazy idealists.


Apparently Ba'al had a fail safe for his execution and implemented a time traveling Stargate device that brought him back in time to intercept the ship that brought America it's Stargate artifact back in 1939 aboard the Achilles (who was Captained by Mitchell's great-great grand daddy or Mitchell in old man makeup). His actions put our heroes in an alternate time line. Also, since they were in the gate during the change their memories aren't altered and neither are their time lines (that's SG-1 logic for you).

Almost every character has either been eradicated or altered and now the plot centers around Carter, Mitchell and Jackson. Finally Stargate attempts to take interest with its characters. Each character is slumped in depression, living in a world that won't believe them with people that don't recognize them. It's especially endearing to watch Mitchell longingly yearn for his family and farm city roots (Ba'al ended up destroying his family and thus his existence by intercepting the Achilles). It's also entertaining to watch a hapless Jackson make unlisted phone calls to his altered state self (now a discredited UFO chaser) encouraging him not to give up.

Plus there's a veritable parade of cameos from a beaten and down trodden Apophis (including the return of his terrible hat), Kronos, Yu, Major Davis, Hammond, and President Hayes. It was a little bitter sweet seeing General Hammond on screen with his recent passing, but he still was adorable father figure even for the brief moment he was on (even if he didn't recognize his people).


Of course Ba'al returns to Earth to conquer and enslave with his bride Qetesh and new first prime Teal'c and it's up to the remaining SG-1 crew (now discredited and disjointed) to bring down his massive army of Jaffa.

Nothing goes as planned, like it ever would on Stargate, but the plot is fun and you find yourself rooting for Mitchell. The time traveling aspect allowed the writers to take gigantic liberties including killing off nearly every character, taking Jackson's leg in the snowy wilderness, and letting crazy Qetesh unleash hell on her unsuspecting King.

But of course as all things time travel, everything goes back to the way it should be but a few of the cast members are a little wiser for wear. All in all Continuum is a great watch for SG-1 fans. But if you haven't been researching the ins and outs of the Go'auld you may not understand why a lady in love would kill her hubby in order to blow up a planet. Or why that may not mean that person is dead after all (remember Ba'al has like 1,000 clones). So unless your ready to explain years of ancient mythology to non-gaters I'd save this rental for fans only.