We're frantically spinning out some spoilers from the floor of Comic-Con, but we still managed to score some good ones. Like a revelation about the Star Trek movie's villain that could change everything. And a new X-Files 2 trailer that shows Mulder and Scully doing something we were told they wouldn't do. Not to mention a new still from Terminator: Salvation, and some new images from Monsters Vs. Aliens. Meanwhile, a new review spills the innards of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Also, new promos show you some new sides of Sarah Connor Chronicles and Knight Rider, including a shower scene. And there are some new info-bits for Battlestar Galactica and Heroes. Even during the big show, the spoilers must go on.

Terminator: Salvation:

Here's another new image from the fourth Terminator film. [IGN]

Star Trek:

So the villain of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot/requel, Nero, is supposed to be the leader of a merry band of Romulans. But you might have noticed, in the posters that came out the other day, that he has no pointy ears. And weird face tattoos. What gives? Co-writer Alex Kurtzman says Nero "isn't necessarily a Romulan," and that "It's all part of the plot." [Trek Web]

X-Files: I Want To Believe:

Is the new X-Files movie a shipper lovefest? Well, this smoochy new TV spot may give you a bit of a clue.

Monsters Vs. Aliens:

Some new trading cards give some more insights into the characters in Monsters Vs. Aliens, the 3-D animated movie that's just what it sounds like. Stephen Colbert is the president of the United States and Kiefer Sutherland is the crazy General W.R. Monger, who's been locked in Area 52 along with the monsters he caught. Insectosaurus is a grub who was exposed to radiation and grew to 350 feet, and Reese Witherspoon's Ginormica was hit by a meteor on her wedding day and grew to 49 feet, 11 inches. Dr. Cockroach, PhD (Hugh Laurie) was trying to combine the survival traits of cockroaches with humans, when he accidentally gave himself a cockroach head. And the Missing Link is pretty self-explanatory. [Film School Rejects and Slashfilm]

Repo! The Genetic Opera:

A new review gives some details about the organ-repossession musical. Buffy's Anthony Stewart Head plays Nathan, a blade-wielding scientist who's convinced he's responsible for the death of his wife and the illness of his goth daughter Shilo. Rotti Largo, owner of GeneCo, tricks Nathan into becoming his Repo man, collecting on debts and "the occasional kidney." Shilo is the emotional core of the film. Weird bits of casting include Paris Hilton and Phantom Of The Opera star Sarah Brightman. In a weird twist, the painkiller used in organ transplants can be harvested from the dead, and the operatic Grave Robber is the one who collects it. [Variety]

Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here are a couple of new trailers for the Terminator TV show, which includes some new footage of crazy homicidal Summer Glau and resolute, gun-clicking Sarah Connor. Who takes a shower.

Battlestar Galactica (And Torchwood):

With both Jamie "Apollo" Bamber and Freema "Martha" Agyeman starring in Law And Order: UK, they may both be too busy to film other things. Which may mean no Lee Adama in a forthcoming BSG TV movie. And no Martha Jones in Torchwood? [Digital Spy]


The Petrelli brothers spend more time together this season. And Tim Kring told Milo Ventimiglia that anyone who dies this year stays dead for real. Really. No kidding. [Sci Fi Wire]

Knight Rider:

Here's a new preview of the smart-car show you're most excited for in the fall season. [Spoiler TV]