Witness the glory of one of the two massive volcanoes erupting today in Alaska. Here you can see a satellite's-eye-view of the plumes from Okmok Caldera, floating out between the clouds over the coast. Though Okmok has been erupting for several days, it was joined recently by Mount Cleveland, off the coast in the Aleutian Islands. More eruption below.

Reporting for the Anchorage Daily News, Beth Bragg captures the odd excitement of local volcano researchers:

"Things are very hopping," research geophysicist Peter Cervelli of the Alaska Volcano Observatory said Monday afternoon. "We've been ramped up 24/7 for nine days because of Okmok, and to have Cleveland suddenly go off keeps us busy. I'm not sure I'd describe it as fun, but it's certainly exciting."

I love any geophysicist who describes a volcanic eruption as "very hopping." Images via AP.

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