Don't give up on Harvey Dent! Gotham City's crusading district attorney wouldn't give up on you, so why shouldn't you have faith in his comeback chops? Actor Aaron Eckhart is ready - eager, even - to reprise the "white knight" role from The Dark Knight in a third Batman movie. Spoilers ahead, kiddies.

Eckhart told reporters:

To work with Christian (Bale) all over again, and the cast, would be phenomenal. I think this movie is a movie of a lifetime.

So, are there some obstacles to Harvey Dent's big return to the public eye? Sure. There are always obstacles in politics, but a true leader doesn't let a few setbacks stop him.


(And here's the spoilery bit.) Just google the phrase "Harvey Dent faked his death" and you'll see the rampant speculation online. Just because there's been a funeral doesn't mean that Harvey can't bounce back in B3. Trust him - he's got an honest face. [Hollyscoop]