The sad robot has become a cross-cultural symbol of . . . something. This bit of graffiti was captured in Tel Aviv, combined with a strange little bot (which you can see below). Why does the image of a sad robot haunt the streets of Israel, the gardens of Japan, and the novels of the United States?

I'm not sure if this robot is sad, or worried.

This photo was taken by Whistling in the Dark, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Another mystery is why this sad robot is part of a corporation.


For some reason, the sheer hulking size of this robot, below, combined with the fact that it's being rained on, make it seem like the most tragic bot I've ever seen. Plus it just looks defeated, with its arms hanging down and shoulders sort of hunched.

This was taken by Photocapy in Japan, I believe in the gardens outside the Ghibli Museum.