San Diego Comic Con is mere days away, but OMG what to wear? Don't be caught in last year's Iron Man chest plate T-shirt, that's so 2007 SDCC. In order to help you look your best we've collected a variety of the latest and greatest Con gear, so get ready to update your shoes, threads and phones to look your best for the panels.

Captain Hammer's Duds:

Show your love for Joss Whedon's latest gift to the world, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Let the hammer in your pants jokes fly, gloves not included.

Marty McFly's Nikes:

Nike has a limited release of Hyperdunk from Back To The Future II. Be warned, wearing these amazing kicks may get you mugged by yours truly.


Scientific Explanations For Fantasy:

Don't let the scifi fantasy war get your spidey undies in a knot this year. When you're in the heaps of battle over what's magic and what's science, simply point to your chest, argument avoided.


Lightsaber iphone Application:

Carrying around an actual lightsaber is so last year thanks to the new iphone application, you can bring your camera, calendar phone and Star Wars weapon of choice to con. Extra io9 love for the first person to make the garage iphone saber youtube.


Frakkin Toaster:

Can't afford the 60 bones for the actual BSG toaster, don't fret here's an equally adorable Toaster T-shirt.

No More LaBeouf:


Take a stand against the infestation of Mr. LaBeouf in every single magazine and movie out there. Can we get a break from the stuttering "I yell No a lot" boy for at least one year please.

All The Robots That Matter:


Display your love for scifi robots in a artistic matter across your chest. I particularly like the Matrix bots.

Avatar Aliens:


If you get your hands on this T-shirt then I tip my hat to you sir because either you're incredibly crafty, worked on James Cameron's Avatar movie or Sam Worthington. But you'll be incredibly above the T-shirt curve.

And finally instead of sporting the usual Watchmen smiley face I encourage you all to vote for the Watches of the Watchmen T-shirt on threadless, it isn't in print yet but really should be.