If there was any doubt that Christian Bale couldn't handle the role of the salvation of man, this newly released still from Terminator 4 just about clears it up. But what about the original John Connor? Would you believe the present-day Edward Furlong could replace shaven-headed Bale? Click through for a spoilery reveal as to what John Connor's got under his boot, and more about what Furlong's been up to lately.

It's gotta be hard to be Eddie Furlong these days. The child actor won the part that had the most potential for a recurring role and he blundered it up by turning into Hollywood teen trash. Sigh, he was literally handed the key for a stable acting gig, but let it slip through his hands. I couldn't look in the mirror if I was passed over for a part by Nick Stahl. But it is kind of amazing that pre-teen Furlong could out butch a 20-something Nick Stahl.

Furlong was even rumored by multiple news outlets to reprise his John Connor role, so what happened? But more importantly could you imagine Furlong replacing Bale in T4?

In the end it's safe to say that I don't think Eddie Furlong today could play future John Connor, but young Christian Bale couldn't have pulled off bad ass pre-teen JC, he was just too pretty. So I'm okay with the trade off but I'd love to see Eddie pop up in T4, maybe saving some captive humans lobster liberation style.