Click to viewWe've gone back and forth about where the real life Gotham City is - But as these photographs from visual directory Oobject show, no matter how much Chicago may stand in for Batman's hometown in movies, New York City has the architecture and the attitude to make it work. More images below the jump.

The website explains,

Manhattan is an antique modern city, dark, decaying, malevolent and at the same time wonderful. The most recent screen versions of Batman have captured this dark feel perfectly. Here are our picks for the buildings and elements of Manhattan that make up the real Gotham city.

The photos offered up certainly capture the massive architecture of one of the spiritual ancestors of Batman's hometown, which was once described by Anton Furst - the production designer of Tim Burton's 1989 Batman, whose Gotham City designs were later incorporated into the comic series in tribute following his death in 1991 - as "what might have happened to New York had there been no planning commission and had it been run by pure extortion and crime."


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