Batman stands on his favorite gargoyle, in front of a humongous clock overlooking Gotham City. You always what time it is in Gotham, but you may not actually know what city you're in. Gotham City is a weird mish-mash of architectural styles and a crazy-quilt of neighborhoods that don't quite fit together. This has never been more obvious than when you pay attention to the new Batman: Gotham Knight animated DVD, which is itself an uneasy mix of different stories. Click through for an annotated gallery.

The direct-to-DVD Gotham Knight was a fun watch, mostly because of its painterly anime visuals and its tantalizing glimpses of what it would be like to live in Gotham City. The writing ranges from meh to pretty great, with the best segment being the one where Batman tries out a new bullet-deflecting shield. The one where Batman goes to India to learn how to work through his pain is pretty dismal, though, with its weird mishmash of stereotypes and half-baked slogans about working through your pain. (I wanted William Shatner to show up and explain that pain is what makes him who he is.) And the first segment, the "Bat-shomon" with the kids all describing Batman, was the most gorgeous but kind of half-baked. The rest were entertaining but pretty forgettable.

But the visuals totally ruled. And here's our attempt to piece together all of the DVD's clues about the ins and outs of Gotham City.

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