Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

We managed to score a ton of script pages from the upcoming season of nerd-spy show Chuck, and we're summarizing them in depth, all in the name of spoiler pride. We also have new spoilers about the ending of The Dark Knight, and a second trailer for Viking/alien throwdown movie Outlander. And there are new hints about Star Trek, Transformers 2 and Watchmen. We found out more about what to expect from Heroes, Kyle XY, The Middleman, Sarah Connor Chronicles and the American Life On Mars. Plus our craziest Doctor Who rumors yet. Stand up (or rather, sit down) for spoiler pride!

Star Trek:

Star Trek director J.J. Abrams was willing to reveal a few scraps of info about his film. The sequences featuring baby Spock and kid Kirk are not "flashbacks." And Leonard Nimoy is a major presence in the film. [Coming Soon]



Are you excited about Outlander, the Vikings vs. alien monster movie, yet? How about if we show you a second trailer, featuring a voice-over narration from Sophia (Doctor Who) Myles? How now?


As we've reported before, the movie of Alan Moore's celebrated Watchmen graphic novel remains the same as the original, squid and all. [MTV Movies]


Transformers 2:

In Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, as we mentioned before, Megan Fox's character Mikaela is left behind in L.A. when Sam Witwicky goes off to college. But the two do finally reunite. And there are some hair-raising scenes where they're zooming along in Bumblebee, and he's going 120 miles per hour without anyone driving him, and with no seatbelts. [Sci Fi Wire]

The Dark Knight:

World's most minor spoiler: good cop Jim Gordon has a daughter who looks about eight or nine years old in the new Batman movie, and she has a creepy encounter with a supervillain. Could she be Barbara Gordon, fated to become Batgirl? Nobody's saying, probably because that's an issue for the ninth or tenth movie in the series. [MTV Movies]


Also, here are even more message-board spoilers. The Joker pretends to kill Rachel in an explosion, but instead he ties her up and burns her to death. (It's mostly off-camera.) The Joker kills a ton of mobsters and cops in gruesome ways, and there's a broadcast of him torturing a fake Batman to death which is pretty horrifying. You think the Joker is going to die, but then he survives. But Harvey/Two-Face does die at the end. [Agony Booth]


Volume III of Heroes would have focused on the actual villains of the show if the writers' strike hadn't happened, but the retooled version this fall will be much more about the good guys facing the temptation of their powers. And romance. There'll be lots of romance. And weird murals. And a turtle. And when Adam/Kensei comes back from being buried in that coffin, he'll be pretty pissed at Hiro. [TV Guide]


Life On Mars:

Some changes to the American version of the British cult hit Life On Mars. The time-traveling cop will be in New York, not Los Angeles as in the earlier U.S. pilot. And whereas the earlier pilot made it very clear that Sam is actually in a coma, and not really transported back to the 1970s, the new version will be much murkier. It'll get more mysterious and confusing as to what's really going on with Sam, in each passing episode. (Although it will eventually make sense, promise the producers, who worked on Alias and are aware of the perils of too much confusion.) [TV Guide again]

Doctor Who:

Yes, it's true. There will be Doctor Who spoilers every day between now and Christmas, when the British time-travel programme actually returns. Today, some crazy rumors about the 2009 one-off specials. One of the Doctor's companions will be a "heroic cyberman" (named five of eight perhaps?). One of the special episodes will take place entirely within the TARDIS, so we'll finally see the massive scope of the Doctor's craft. And we're not done with the Time War, by any means. []



So we were lucky enough to dig up some actual script pages from the fifth and sixth episodes of the new season of spy-database-brain comedy Chuck. They're "casting sides," which means they're for audition purposes. But they appear to be actual pages from the scripts.

In the fifth episode, we start off in 1983, where Jeff Barnes, sporting a mullet and mustache, has just won the Moto Industries Missile Command championship. He's asked what's next for him. Flanked by two bikini babes, he says: Why decide, when I've got so many tasty options? Then it's 25 years later, and he's working at the Buy More, wistfully muttering to himself about his "tasty options."


Some terrorists have taken over Moto Industries. Casey and Chuck show up to infiltrate the place, and Chuck tries to use his nerd skills to talk his way in with the geeks up front. But the PhDs at Moto Industries are not impressed with Chuck's paltry nerd-fu. "Why don't you help some old lady log onto AOL or something?" So Sarah has to go in and flash some cleavage to get the nerds' attention. The nerds fall all over each other to help fix her computer. Meanwhile, Casey decides to sneak around, leaving Chuck where it's safe - but as soon as Casey's gone, a terrorist turns up. But Chuck talks his way into Mauro Moto's penthouse.

A Moto Industries satellite is going to destroy everything unless Chuck can get the control codes, which can only be found on the last level of every Missile Command game, as we explained before. Maury Moto explains that the mathematics underlying Missile Command are too complex for anyone else to reach that level: "the music of the universe." "As much as I loved making games, I hated making weapons," he adds. The terrorists have forced Maury to play Missile Command, so they can access those codes. "How many will die for my weakness?" he asks. But Maury has to keep playing the game, or it'll explode. "The kill screen doesn't end," he explains. So Chuck and Casey have to escape, leaving Maury to explode.


Casey mistakenly believes that anybody who was into Missile Command would now be in their 30s and have jobs, wives and kids, but Chuck mouths: "No they don't." Meanwhile, he sees a TV broadcast about someone trying to beat the Missile Command high-score record, and "flashes" on the information. He realizes the terrorists are using the local TV station to control the satellite. Sarah heads over there.

Jeff explains the secret of Missile Command is "all about patterns. Heavy duty math. Before I play, I like to listen to Rush, and when I listen to Rush, I like to partake of a certain 100% natural, but not altogether legal, herbal enhancer... It's gotta be outta this world." Meanwhile, literally out of this world, the satellite is preparing to strike. Morgan is jealous of all the attention Chuck is paying to Jeff. It turns out Rush's music follows the exact same time signature as the game. And Rush's sheet music is in the "intersect," the spy database in Chuck's head. Because they're Canadian.

But Morgan gets over his jealousy enough to announce Chuck on-stage, with flashing lights, as "the King Of Sting, the Dancing Destroyer," etc. Chuck jumps up on stage and brandishes a single quarter. Chuck loses the first time, to the amusement of a crowd of jeering nerds who call him "king of the losers." But then he gets Morgan to play some Rush, and this time he beats the game, reaching the "kill screen" and then "beating the kill screen," finally getting to the satellite codes.


Meanwhile, Sarah takes out two terrorists holding the TV relay station, catching one unawares with a bag of chips in his mouth. She catches both their machine guns and brandishes them. Chuck gets her the codes just in time to stop the countdown, as Casey is preparing to try and shoot the satellite down.

And then episode six starts off with a flashback to 2003, with Chuck wearing a slightly different version of the Buy More uniform. He's at a Tri Delt sorority party at Stanford, and people are whispering about how he got kicked out for "stealing." He insists he didn't cheat. Then he throws a pebble at his ex-girlfriend Jill's window. Her bitchy friend Shari opens the window and says that if Jill wanted to talk to Chuck, she would have answered his 28 phone calls. Chuck says it's only 20 phone calls, because for eight of them, he hung up before her voice mail picked up.

A bunch of frat guys gather around, and it's getting embarrassing. Chuck says he drove 346 miles on his break from his purely temporary job because he loves Liz. She finally pokes her head out and says "it's over." Chuck hopes she means the public conversation is over, to be replaced with a private chat at Starbucks. But no. She's dating Bryce Larkin now. "Deal with it," says Shari.


In the present day, Chuck is in a hotel conference center, when he spots Jill. He hides under the desk, and begs the hotel clerk to pull the fire alarm as a distraction, so he can get away. Then Jill walks up and asks for help setting up her computer. The hotel clerk gives up Chuck's location.

Chuck takes Jill out for a stroll and a fancy dinner, where everybody else in the restaurant is CIA. Casey is the maitre d', and this gives Chuck a chance to act like a big shot, giving Casey a rolled up dollar bill and patting his cheek. Sarah is the waitress. Just when Chuck is trying to convince Jill he's a big shot now, the rest of his Nerd Herd coworkers show up. He tries to pretend they're his ex-coworkers who just won't let go. Then a valet shows up with a Ferrari, and Chuck tries to pretend its his. Lester bursts his bubble: "He makes eleven dollars an hour at the Buy More. Do the math."

Some time after that, Chuck is standing outside the door of Jill's hotel room, giving a long speech about his life, and the fact that he rented a car he couldn't drive, because of the transmission, and his ability to quote movies, and the fact that he still hasn't gotten over Jill. A middle aged woman across the hall is quite impressed and tells Chuck she has a bubble bath running. Chuck says he'll play this hand out first. Then Jill opens the door and asks if it's really true that Chuck hasn't gotten over her. He says yes and she invites him in. Casey and Sarah are watching the hotel room, and Casey owes Sarah ten bucks.


Later, Chuck listens in on Jill's phone line in the spy van, and hears Jill talking to her bitchy friend Shari about how Chuck came to her hotel room to apologize, and she let him in. He's like a cute puppy that she couldn't turn away. Shari says Chuck is a loser who only makes $10 an hour, and Chuck can't resist piping up to say he actually makes $10.75. Jill is like, "Why are you on my phone line, Chuck?" Chuck tries to pass it off: "I just tried to call, I guess our wires got crossed. Is this a party line?"

Chuck spots an assassin named Fox Den getting into an elevator, and Casey and Sarah follow. It turns out the assassin is really named Rommell, and he kills someone named Guy Lafleur.

Sarah has to give a talk on toxicology at a scientific conference, pretending to be an Australian scientist named Dr. Eva Anderson. She stalls, talking about how great the buffet was. Meanwhile, a man named Rommell pulls out a vial of deadly virus, with a thin membrane covering it. The membrane starts smoking away. Casey thinks it's a wet dog, then realizes: "The virus has been released. Don't inhale!"


They find Rommell, who tells them he's really CIA and the mission is much more complex than they could have realized. Then Chuck runs up and announces that he's their only hope for survival. "Just when I thought things couldn't get worse," Casey gripes. [Casting sides]

Meanwhile, here's a new promo photo from the upcoming episode where Chuck goes to Sarah's 10th high school reunion. And here's a brief new clip about Nicole Richie appearing on the show, which includes a tiny amount of new footage. [Chuck Online]


In an upcoming episode, Casey answers a knock at the door from a man dressed in a FedEx uniform who gives the correct passcode. But then the man surprises Casey and leaves him coughing up blood. The man's partner tells him they have two more targets, and shows pictures of Chuck and Sarah. [TV Remote]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

John Connor flips over a car, says star Thomas Dekker. And something happens to John in the first episode to harden him, and he becomes more of a bad-ass out of rage. Also, if you care about his feelings on Hayden Panettiere's love life, he addresses that issue. [EW]


The Middleman:

Wendy has to put on high heels and pearls to go undercover at Omega Theta Nu sorority house, going against all of her moral fibers to track down a ghostly apparition. But she begins to suspect something other than a haunted sorority house is going on. Meanwhile, Tyler, the cute guy who lost his memory after the Lucha Libre attack, comes looking for the soulmate he met that day. But he mistakenly thinks it's Lacey, Wendy's roommate. [SpoilerTV]

Kyle XY:

Ally Sheedy's super-mom character will appear in the season opener of ABC Family's show about a teen with strange abilities. But then you probably won't see her again until the season finale. [TV Guide again]