Here's the final battle between machine and plant, with a world's future in the balance. A "harvester" robot is invading a habitat, attempting to consume all of its resources, but it's found itself fighting an organic Ent-like creature, in this concept art called "Worlds Collide," from Bulgarian game artist Ognian Bonev. Bonev's page, on the CG Society forum, shows how he started with a grayscale image, added color and detail, and then put layers on top of that. Who do you think wins? Click through to find out.

Bonev, an artist with Ubisoft Bulgaria in Sofia, actually created two kick-ass images to show both possible endings to the struggle. In the first, "The March Of Decay," the harvester bots have totally won and have managed to devastate the land. Their "plague spreaders" are poisoning the land to prevent the last of the forest dwellers from reproducing, while they drain the water out of the ground:

And then, in "Victory Songs," the plant creatures have won the struggle and are celebrating in their bouncy forest creature way:

My money is totally on the bots, though. [CG Society and Ognian Bonev]