Behold the glowing, sunset-drenched beauty of Fridgehenge in New Mexico, United States, a massive recreation of Stonehenge made entirely of dead refrigerators (photo by Longrista). Although humans have reached a rather advanced state of industrial development, that doesn't prevent us from wanting to recreate ancient wonders of the stone age like Britain's Stonehenge. In fact, humans have recreated Stonehenge using quite a number of giant building materials, as you can see in our post-industrial stone-age collection below.

This photo by JWoodPhoto shows Fridgehenge in winter, looking very mysterious and pagan.


In Nebraska, United States, you can also find Carhenge, photographed here by Whisperawish. There are apparently other Carhenges, including one made entirely of Cadillacs, but this one in Nebraska is the classic:

Here's another view of Carhenge, by Alachance.

And then there's Boathenge, in Missouri, United States. In this photo by Debunix, you can see that Boathenge is clearly influenced by Carhenge — the boats are half-buried in the ground.

Of course, in San Francisco, California, we have Doorhenge, as you can see in this gorgeous shot by Grimages.