I didn't think Roland Emmerich's2012 could get worse, seriously. I was already bored with the done-to-death plot of a struggling divorced science fiction writer (John Cusack) trying to win back the love and respect of his family. Throwing in the apocalypse doesn't make it any more interesting, sadly, plus the big surprise twist is laugh-out-loud bad. But now that Woody Harrelson is joining the cast, you might as well shove this soon-to-be DVD in between Deep Impact and all the other disaster movies the world no longer cares about. Click through for more character details and wonderful insight straight from the burnt-out mind of Harrelson.

In an interview with MTV, Harrelson said, "I don't know why they thought of me, but I like the idea." Continuing on he explains, "I play a guy who's been talking for a long time, the whole world thinks he's crazy." So far, this role isn't that big of a stretch for Harrelson. Anyone else remember when he built an oxygen bar?

"But he's [the character's] been talking that there's gonna be hell to pay for what's been going on ecologically and everything." 2012 comes out in 2009.