Nestled among the towers of midtown Manhattan is a new housing development made entirely of prefab houses (top) that look like rack-mounted computer servers (bottom). In fact, these houses are intended to be mounted and stacked in giant racks that can be built in days. Soon, all of New York City may look like a giant Google server farm. Check out the rack server house being built below.


The houses are part of an art installation for the Museum of Modern Art exhibit "Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling." According to the New York Times:

The exhibition, which opens July 20, examines factory-produced, or prefab, houses from 1833 to today, through 60 projects shown inside the museum and five full-scale houses outside. These houses address issues of mass production, digital fabrication, sustainability and portability, using a variety of manufacturing techniques and aiming at several points along the price spectrum.

Below, you can see the house server rack being built.


I can't wait to live in a server farm. Maybe there will be a big screen mounted on my wall that shows me all the search queries I'm crunching, or all the ads I'm serving up. Photos by Librado Romero for the New York Times.

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