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The trailer for Outlander has finally arrived, bringing us glorious bearded Vikings doing battle with a space monster — or dragon, as they call it. Minor spoilers below.

James Caviezel plays a crashed space man, Kainan, who has been doing battle with the Moorwen alien race. He lands on Earth smack-dab in the middle of Viking times. A Moorwen hitched a ride on his ship and is now seeking revenge on all the innocent Vikings on Earth. It's up to Kainan, a pig-tail-bearded John Hurt as Viking leader Rothgar and the resident warrior Wulfric (Jack Huston) to best the beast.


Outlander will open on Latvian screens today, so if you live in Latvia I'm insanely jealous. It has also been screened across the globe yet still there is no release date in America. Surely this Viking versus alien battle story will be retold through the ages, and it needs to come to the States as soon as possible.