A first glimpse of the super skinny, long haired alien life-forms from James Cameron's 3-D epic Avatar opens the door for many questions. Could this T-shirt design really be what the inhabitants of Alpha Centauri B-4, otherwise known as the Na'vi, look like? Click through for more pictures and spoilery talk.

So what have we learned from these silhouettes of Avatar? They have three toes, long hair, possibly cat ears (see small bumps on their heads). They have a tail (excellent!). They can control a massive bow and arrow and never eat - ever (look at that waist!). According to Marketsaw, these t-shirts were raffled off by actor Sam Worthington who stars as Jake Sully, a paralyzed marine who undergoes a medical procedure to live his life through his Avatar, a 10-foot tall blue alien. There is plenty of talk that this image is the silhouette of Zoe Saldana's alien love character, who in an interview with io9 told us that this lady will kick some serious ass. Zoe's character is totally alien and completely CG, and falls in love with Jake Sully.