Does it get you all wound up when you look at gears and measurement devices on giant, old machines? That's a perfectly normal reaction — we all feel a little awe in the face of machines whose precision and beauty has nothing to do with the digital. And the Long Now Foundation is celebrating those machines in the San Francisco Bay Area with a special "Mechanicrawl" tour this Saturday. A couple of weeks ago, Wired got a sneak peek at the tour route, which includes touring a 1940s warship whose sophisticated torpedo targeting computer (pictured) is all analog. Check out more clockporn below.

Here you can see a few of the beautiful gears powering the Long Now Foundation's Orrery, a device that measures the location of six planets relative to the sun. These gears are modeled partly on Charles Babbage's second Difference Engine. Want to see more? Go on the Mechanicrawl, or look at more of Wired's cool photographs in their gallery. Photographs by Jim Merithew for Wired.

Mechanical Marvels Hide in Plain Sight [Wired]