While it may have fired 45% of its workforce and cut back the majority of its original English-language projects recently, manga publisher Tokyopop isn't dead. It's just moving into the world of licensing SF comics. Coming soon to accompany their Star Trek: The Manga series: Battlestar Galactica and Ghostbusters.

Announced at last weekend's Anime Expo, Tokyopop will be publishing an anthology based around Battlestar Galactica called Echoes of New Caprica in March 2009, created in consultation with the writers of the TV show. Before that, this October will see the publication of Ghostbusters: Ghostbusted, another anthology title that ties in with the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game revival of the franchise. Cold comfort for fans of now-cancelled original series like King City and My Dead Girlfriend, but good news for fans who've always wanted to see Edward James Olmos yell open-mouthed in horror on a regular basis.

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