Tremors is possibly the best movie about giant man-eating worms in the history of giant-worm movies. But alas, its reign is over. There will be no more rock jumping cowboys defending their worm filled mine shaft, or tight-jeansed Kevin Bacon's terrible accent. Now that the Sci Fi Channel's Tremors series is over, Stampede Entertainment (the Tremors crew) is out of a job. But not for long: their site promises new monster movies on the rise. Click through for more details, plus the return of Johnny 5 and more weird scifi stories.

The new monster movie that Stampede is crafting is called Night Crew. Almost all of the old Tremors gang have signed on. The movie is described as:

A fast-moving monster tale full of quirky characters, scary moments, and laugh-out-loud humor, but this time in an urban setting. The script is fine-tuned in budget and concept. As Roberts says (decrying the cumbersome studio development process), "At Stampede, we write to shoot."

Not sure what is means when you tell people your script is fine-tuned in budget but I'm assuming that means it will look cheap. Why don't they just make more period piece Tremors? Who didn't love cowboy Tremors? We need Tremors: The Roaring 20s.


In other scifi news Johnny 5 is still alive and will never die. Short Circuit writers and Stampede team members S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock are still reworking their original 1986 screenplay to give new life to the old bag of bolts. A new movie starring the original Wall-E doesn't have a release date yet, and still no word about the return of Guttenberg. But it's not like he's busy.

And finally Stampede is launching a site where they will be offering the fans free fantasy adventure stories. The first of which is called Zoo Ship and features a group of fishermen who meet an alien on one of their fishing trips. The alien is described as "crafty" so I'm assuming anal probing the men and slowly torturing them with science experiments is most likely out.

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