New shaky handy-cam-style footage from the quarantined camera crew locked in an LA apartment building with bloodthirsty plague-ridden tenants shows what happens when the government steps in to control a vampire-ish epidemic. Watch the happy faced reporter get dragged kicking and screaming through a government quarantined apartment building infested with infected, blood thirsty tenants plus infected kids. When the dust settles, the reporter's video is the only evidence of what happened in the building.

Based on a popular Spanish horror film, Quarantine looks like it's loaded with stir-crazy residents willing to face a hail of government gun fire over being stuck in a building with a vampire virus. While the fake reporter video could get old, I'm always excited for a virus that changes the human form and most importantly doesn't omit kids or animals from its infectious path. Did you see the creepy half-naked vampire kid? Shudders. Quarantine will be out October 17, 2008.