I rarely find myself getting excited about developments in the world of MySpace, but I'm pretty damn gleeful about the new Sid and Marty Krofft page. The Kroffts had a series of kid shows on network TV, mostly in the 1970s, which featured a lot of scifi themes and geek humor. Krofft shows contained a mix of ongoing serials like Doctor Shrinker and Land of the Lost (now being made into a movie starring Will Ferrell and those alien Sleestaks pictured above — very exciting). Now MySpace is featuring episodes of these cheesetastic treats, cut down to five minutes so you only get the best bits (including the theme songs, which will give you that "OMFG it's the 1970s for real" feeling). Check out a couple of vids below.

One glance at this mini-episode from Land of the Lost will tell you everything you need to know about why Will Ferrell is in the remake.

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By far my favorite Krofft show, even cooler than Doctor Shrinker and Wonderbug, was ElectraWoman and DynaGirl. They worked for a magazine by day, and donned cute outfits and fought crime by night. Hey, at least I grew up to work for a magazine-like thing, even if I don't always wear yellow tights. I cannot believe how utterly funktastic their theme song is. Do you think ElectraWoman and DynaGirl were superlovers?

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What I find really interesting about these cut-down MySpace episodes is that they actually work in their new, shrunken, share-this-video-online format. Some 70s culture does seem to survive the upgrade to the web, even if it has to become even more short-attention-span to do it. Really, I don't mind losing the boring parts of these episodes. Now I've got the very best stuff, and I'm actually going to visit MySpace to check out future mini-episodes as they become available.

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