When Bill Clinton chose "Don't Stop Thinking About The Future" as his campaign theme song, you know he was really telling you to consume spoilers and obsessively glean info about every upcoming storyline in your favorite movies and TV shows. Right? He would want you to get an early glimpse at the characters from the Doctor Who universe who will be making a comeback sooner than you expect. And President Clinton would totally encourage you to pore over pics from Star Wars: Clone Wars, Gotham Knight and X-Files 2 (including one which shows something that happens to Mulder.) He'd order you to glean new plot info about Caprica, Knight Rider, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Middleman and Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Spoilers: an important part of putting people first.

X-Files: I Want To Believe:

Here are some new pics from the X-Files movie sequel. It looks like Mulder gets fucked up pretty good. A few more pics at the link. [Rope Of Silicon]

Journey To The Center Of The Earth:

Trevor (Brendan Fraser) is a science professor specializing in plate tectonics, whose brother Max went missing ten years ago while doing field research in Iceland. Max's son Sean shows up for a visit that Trevor has forgotten about, and Sean has a box of Max's old stuff, including a copy of Jules Verne's Journey To The Center Of The Earth with cryptic notes in it.


The notes, plus some unusual geological phenomena that match the situation when Max went missing, are enough to send Trevor and Sean to Iceland, where they enlist the aid of a mountain guide named Hannah. Her father, like Max, was a Vernian, a believer that Jules Verne's works were based on fact. They end up going on a roller-coaster ride through a mountain, falling through "volcanic tubes" to the center of the Earth. Trevor and Sean bond, while the frosty Hannah finally warms up to Trevor. [Scripps News]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here are some new (or higher res) pics from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars theatrical release. Including Asajj Ventress preparing to unleash some double-light-saber punishment on Obi-Wan and Anakin. [StarWars-Union.De]

Sarah Jane Smith Adventures:

Huge news about the Doctor Who spin-off series. Sir Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, the military man who helped the Doctor save the world from the late 1960s to the late 1980s, will turn up in an episode. And he'll help Sarah Jane defeat the Sontarans. Not only that, but Miss Wormwood, the evil manager of the Bubbleshock corporation in the first Sarah Jane episode, will be back soon. Meanwhile, Maria Jackson and her dad will only be in one or two episodes of the new season, before they leave and a new Asian family moves in across the street from Sarah Jane. [Blogtor Who and Doctor Who Forum]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here's a third promo for the second season of the Terminator TV show. Apparently Summer Glau's chip gets damaged in that explosion, and she reverts to her ebil programming and tries to kill John Connor. I love her tilty head and crazy-blank look.


A few new details about the Battlestar Galactica prequel. Zoe Graystone doesn't just upload her consciousness into cyberspace (allowing her dad to recreate her as a robot) she also spends a lot of time playing around in a holographic world with her friends Ben and Lacy. But they're not just having fun, they're seeking enlightenment and a "higher calling." Also, it's Tamara Adams' birthday when she and Zoe are both killed by Ben's suicide bombing.


Zoe's father Daniel is at the end of his rope, trying to finish a government project to create a robot warrior. He can't get his robotic soldier to think for itself. Meanwhile, Joseph Adams is trying to be a respectable lawyer but his Tauron roots keep getting in his way, especially since his brother Sam Adams is working for some bad people. And of course Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adams are brought together by their daughters' deaths... at least at first. [Collider]


We may get to see more of Hurley's dad, played by Cheech Marin, in season five. [Spoilers Lost]


Stargate Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi teased some upcoming storylines. "Whisper" is a mini-horror movie, in which Shepherd and Beckett join up with an all-female team on an off-world adventure. The all-female team is designed to introduce some hopefully recurring female characters, but also to allow the audience to identify with some characters who might not survive the episode. The mid-season two-parter "First Contact" and "The Lost Tribe," is the story that features Jackson and McKay teaming up. [Cinemablend]


As you could have gleaned from the end of Chuck season one, the feds have created a new "intercept" database to replace the one that's in Chuck's head. Which makes Chuck surplus to requirements, so they order Casey (Adam Baldwin!!!) to kill him. Also, a new assistant manager at Buy More wants to get to the bottom of Chuck's mysterious absences. And John Larroquette's alcoholic ex-spy teaches Chuck how to seduce a black widow (Melinda Clarke), while Michael Clarke Duncan plays heavy-for-hire Mr. Colt. [Chuck Online]


Plastique, the explosive Quebec girl who shows up on Smallville in the second episode of season eight, has ties to Level 33.1 or something similar. [KryptonSite]

Gotham Knight:

I almost forgot to post these — here are some pictures of Anita Ramirez, a police officer in the Batman Gotham Knight animated anthology DVD. She's Crispus Allen's partner, standing in for Renee Montoya for some reason.

Knight Rider:

Are you pumped for the smart-car adventure show to come back this fall? No? Maybe the descriptions of the first few episodes will help prime your pump. In the first episode, someone from Mike's past, whom he has no memory of, hijacks "the package," the guy we mentioned whose DNA contains a valuable cipher. And then in episode two, a dangerous virus has to be stopped before it can cause chaos on the internet. (You really need a smart car to save the internet. You just do.) And in the third episode, Mike races KITT in an off-road race, and Sarah Graiman becomes concerned by Mike's bad judgment. There. Pumped yet? [SpoilerTV]

The Middleman:

In an upcoming episode of the best show on TV, Vlad the impaler, the foundation for the Dracula mythos, comes back seeking to raise the undead... and Wendy kills him in very short order. But he gets to have a narrative voice-over throughout the episode. And Vlad gets downloaded into a puppet, and has very, very complicated plans to come back to life. [SpoilerTV again]