The plot thickens for Darth Vader's sexy, angry Secret Apprentice. A new trailer from Entertainment Weekly reveals major plot points for the new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game, and show us just how crappy of a father figure Vader really is — cutting off his son's hand is nothing compared to this. Also there's loads of new crazy action sequences. Spoilers ahead.

Displaying why he truly is the biggest baddie, Vader first takes on a son-like Secret Apprentice, then tries to kill the Apprentice's girlfriend, disowns him by throwing him against a wall when caught by the Emperor, then goes after him himself. All this abuse can only end with the SA turning to the good side — sigh, he was sexier when he was murdering anyone who laid eyes on him. But aside from the mushy love stuff, check out that action. The SA splits an AT-AT in half, and throws his light saber through multiple trees and impales a Wookiee. And finally we get a glimpse of the inevitable show-down between Vader and his SA. Even if this game fails, the crazy Force action and cool story should make it worth watching.
[EW via Kokatu]