It's mostly TV spoilers today, thanks to a ton of scans from TV Guide. But today's spoilers do include some new set pics from the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, which reveal what it would be like to live on Caprica some 50-70 years before the Cylon apocalypse. And there's one more new Dark Knight trailer with some new splodey footage. There are new Heroes promos and some hints about Lost, plus tons of spoilers for Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate, Smallville, Kyle XY, Knight Rider and Fringe. Spoilers rule!

The Dark Knight:

Here's another Dark Knight trailer that includes a teeny amount of new footage, including the Joker with a rocket-launcher (I think that's new) and one new Joker-ism: "When the chips are down, these civilized people will eat each other alive." (I think it may have been quoted in articles before, not sure.)

Battlestar Galactica:

The reveal of Battlestar Galactica's final Cylon will feel organic, and he/she won't be some "day player from season one," promises a Sci Fi Channel exec. Meanwhile, here are the first two photos from the BSG prequel Caprica, which turns out to have a 1950s look and feel to it. Look at the outfits lawyer Joseph Adama and ubergeek Daniel Graystone are wearing. And then check out the diner, serving real Caprican and Gemenese food. Just like mama used to make. Also, there are some pics of the Athena Academy, where the Adama and Graystone daughters go to school. [Galactica Sitrep and The 13th Colony]

Also, there are more pics from the filming of that scene featuring President Roslin in what looked like Caprica. She actually walks into the (disgusting) pool and under the specialy added fountain. [Paulman]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

As you may have guessed, Summer Glau's Terminateen survived being blowed up at the end of the first season of Sarah Connor Chronicles. But she won't emerge unscathed, and Sarah, John and uncle Derek have to repair her. Plus there's a car flip, auto mayhem, lots of flames and and crazy stunts, according to TV Guide. Meanwhile the software exec that Shirley Manson plays may be involved in the creation of Skynet. And Uncle Derek starts discovering the pleasures of a pre-apocalyptic world, but he won't have any romance with Sarah. Plus, this season is all about the mission of preventing Judgment Day. And here's a new promo. [Spoiler TV]


Jack's dead dad Christian and Penny's dad Charles Widmore will both be back as recurring characters in Lost season five. And there's talk that they may be series regulars in the show's final season. This may be because Widmore wants the island's magical-ish properties to stave off his own impending death, or because the ghostly Christian is clinging to half-life. Jack may have to end up convincing his dad and half-sister Claire to move on. [EW]

The Middleman:

In the Aug. 11 episode of superhero show The Middleman, the one where Kevin Sorbo shows up as a cryogenically frozen sexist 1960s Middleman, star Natalie Morales wears a white bikini. But her character, Wendy, doesn't have any romantic tension with the regular Middleman until at least season five. There will be sex in an upcoming episode, however. [SpoilerTV again]

Kyle XY:

I'm so bummed this teen-superhuman family drama isn't coming back this summer. It's an acquired taste, but actually pretty awesome once you check it out. When season three finally does start, we learn that mad-science group Latnok kidnapped Kyle's girlfriend Amanda, and he has to rescue her and try to shut Latnok down. In the process, Amanda may learn that Kyle's a superhero, and in general his secrets will start unraveling. Kyle may have to give up Amanda and his host family to become the person he needs to be, especially once he learns what Latnok chief Michael Cassidy has planned for him. [SpoilerTV]

Knight Rider:

The supercar show Knight Rider is back this fall after a successful TV movie, and there will be more smart car tricks. KITT's windshield turns into a touchscreen you can interact with while driving 300 miles per hour. We'll learn about Mike Tracer's past as an Iraq War veteran, and meet some new characters including techie Billy Morgan (Paul Campbell from Battlestar Galactica). Instead of ad-hoc calls for help, the gang will be pulling off missions as a team... just like on last year's Bionic Woman remake. [Spoiler TV yet again]


Here are a couple of new Heroes promos which show Mama Petrelli being very sweet to a bound Sylar. And Ali Larter in a sexy Playboy bunny-ish outfit. [Heroes The Series]

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Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, turns out to have a surprising connection to Tess Mercer, the new CEO of Lex Luthor's company and the absent Lex's devoted acolyte. [Spoilergeeks]


Also, next season will feature a Chloe/Jimmy/Doomsday love triangle, in which the non-serial killer guy will win out in the end. Also, there will be a lot more comedy, as Lois and Clark get into wacky scrapes. Wacky! [EW]


That corporate fixer we mentioned who comes to the town of Eureka, Eva Thorne? Turns out she's there because the belt-tightening Global Dynamics is turning to making household gadgets for profit. She's nicknamed the Fixer and has some secrets about the founding of the super-smart town. Also, as we mentioned, Sheriff Carter's free-spirited sister shows up and is a bad influence on his daughter. There'll also be some three-way drama between the Sheriff, Allison and her ex Nathan Stark. Meanwhile, Carter has a new love interest on the way. Plus there'll be a contest to design the most flea-ridden dog, a drone who acts like a rebellious teen, and a "hapless superhero." [Spoiler TV again]


A few new Stargate Atlantis season five spoilers. The dying clone Dr. Carson Beckett gets thawed out to fight a deadly plague. SG-1's Daniel Jackson teams up with Rodney McKay to solve a mystery, Hardy Boys-style. And the Vegas episode (the hundredth?) finds Lt. Col. John Sheppard in the midst of a CSI-type investigation. [SpoilerTV]


Plus there are a few new pages of leaked script from SGA episode 15, "Remnants." They're pretty much as we described before. Commander Woolsey flirts awkwardly with Vanessa Conrad, a woman who turns out not to exist. (Including mentioning "Yahtzee.") Meanwhile, Sheppard gets tied up in the forest and has a run in with the evil Kolya.

Just when Woolsey starts to doubt himself and wonder if he's under an outside influence, Vanessa explains she's "the manifestation of your subconscious romantic and sexual ideals... You're not crazy. You're really seeing me." Meanwhile, "Kolya" explains to Sheppard that he was just distracting him, and it's the masochistic Sheppard's fault his mind went to the most horrendous situation possible.

They both explain that the race known as the Sekkari foresaw its own extinction tens of thousands of years ago, and launched over 50 genetic and cultural seed-carriers, equipped with subspace communicators. All 50 of them failed, and Conrad's unit malfunctioned after surviving reentry. Since the SGA crew woke the unit up, she's been studying Woolsey to figure out if he can help complete the seed carrier's mission. Now that Woolsey knows the truth, he has a decision to make. [ScribD via SpoilerTV]