So that shocking Harvey Dent image we ran in this morning's spoiler round up? The one I was pretty sure was a fake? It's looking more like it might be real. Spoiler TV's movie blog posted a bunch of screencaps from The Dark Knight, including a better version of that image. And it does look as though Nurse Joker is going to the hospital to visit a very special patient. Click through for spoilery images.

So hmmm... If these pics are real - and they do look real to me, even though Harvey Dent's hand isn't scarred - then I can't wait to hear the dialog in this scene. The Joker traipses in, in his crisp looking white nurse dress, and it looks as though he revels in Harvey Dent's condition. Since the Joker's aim is to turn the forces of law and order into avatars of chaos like himself, he has to be pretty stoked to see Harvey looking all messed up and crazed. It makes me wonder if we'll see more of Two Face in this movie than we originally thought, since this scene looks like it would lead somewhere interesting. Way more pics at the link: [SpoilerTV-Movies]